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Vaporshark rDNA 40 Review


Vaporshark rDNA 40 Ah, the Vaporshark rDNA 40, a great memento of the Tampa VCC event, and a very...

The Innokin Coolfire 4 Review

Coolfire IV Review Spinfuel

Coolfire 4 Written Review Innokin Coolfire 4 – A New Attitude When I had heard that the Innokin Coolfire...



Vaping With Vapinski And The Cloud Company    Most of you are familiar with the name Suicide Bunny unless...

eVic-VT From Joyetech – Full Review

Joyetech eVic-VT Spinfuel Review #1

eVic-VT – A True State of the Art Vaporizer The eVic-VT Kit will be available through Ave40. As of...

Innokin MVP3 Pro & iSub G Giveaway!


The newest Innokin MVP is the 60w MVP3 Pro. The perfect subohm tank for the MVP3 Pro is the...

MigQuid eLiquid Free 30mL Bottle!

MigQuid eJuice Giveaway

Get A Free 30mL Bottle of MigQuid eJuice UPDATE: This Giveaway has ended. MigQuid gave out more than 1000...

Possum Trot eLiquid Review


e-Pure Liquid’s Possum Trot The first thing you should know about Possum Trot eliquid is that it is an...

eGo ONE Mega and Mini – Full Review


Joyetech eGo ONE Mega and Mini Review Julia Hartley-Barnes Joyetech hit a homeroom with their small, high performance, eGo...

What a Bunch of Garbage!

What a bunch of garbage

What a Bunch of Garbage! By Beth Neuling As an industry that was born out of the desire to...

Smoknejoey Innokin iSub G

Innokin iSub G Subohm Tank Review Today I present the complete review for the Innokin iSub G. It is...

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iSub G by Innokin – Smokenjoey Video

Proper eLiquid Review

Proper Eliquid Review Just like it’s namesake, this juice is proper! These guys make some of the most interesting...

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Proper Eliquid Review – Daily Vape TV

Council of Vapor Kindred 2

Council of Vapor Kindred II Here we are again reviewing another fine piece of hardware from Council of Vapor...

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CoV Kindred Mech Mod – Daily Vape TV


Smokenjoey Does The Coolfire 4 with the iSub G Hey folks, today I look at the all-new Coolfire 4....

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The Coolfire 4 Review – Smokenjoey

IPV4 Updated Review Talk

IPV4 Update Video Hi Folks- I did review the IPV4 100 watt box mod 10 days earlier then I...

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IPV4 Updated Review Smokenjoey

Anarchist Wire Build

Anarchist Wire Build Huge shoutout to Phil & Melissa of Local Vape Distribution for stopping by Voltage Vape and...

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Anarchist Wire Build – Fresh Build Friday

LICK Brand - Daily Vape TV

LICK Brand – Daily Vape TV Check out the Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – LICK Brand If you’re a...

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LICK Brand Vapor – Daily Vape TV


Smokenjoey Reviews The Innokin MVP3 Pro Hi Folks- this is a complete review of the brand new MVP 3.0...

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MVP3 Pro A Smokenjoey Review

Royal Hunter Daily Vape TV

Royal Hunter RDA Review Big shout out to Eve e-liquid for sending me the beautiful Council of Vapor Royal...

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Council of Vapor Royal Hunter RDA Review

Spinfuel's Vapers News

Big Tobacco Suing Britian

Tobacco giants sue Britain over packaging rules Two of the largest tobacco companies are suing Britain over new packaging rules that are set to go into effect next year....

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

E-cig Research Letter Should Be Retracted

Inability (or unwillingness) to learn the lesson from our aldehydes study – NEJM paper should be retracted Dr Farsalinos has published a blog post concerning the recent study about...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Misconceptions About E-cigs Unwarranted

E-Cigs are healthier compared to ordinary cigarettes – say Health Authorities With all the anti-vaping rhetoric being spread in the media by public health and tobacco control officials, many...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Council Bans Flavored Nicotine Products

City’s tobacco crackdown leaves e-cig sellers, er, short of breath The city council of Sonoma voted last week to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, which includes eliquid...

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How Vaping Affects Life Insurance Rates

How Smoking and Other Nicotine Products Affect Life Insurance Quotes You may not think you’re a smoker. But when you apply for life insurance, you may be surprised to...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

The Cost of Opening a Vape Shop

The true cost of capitalizing on the vape craze If you have contemplated opening your very own vape shop, this article has some numbers that may be surprising. Regardless...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

No Vaping in Cars With Riders Under 18

Tempe approves fines for smoking or vaping in cars with kids If you are in Tempe Arizona and have a passenger that is under 18, you may be subject...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Outdoor Smoking Ban Makes Little Sense

Banning smoking on the slopes makes little sense Whistler Blackcomb, a very nice area for skiing and hiking, has decided to ban smoking and vaping from all areas of its...

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big tobacco

Did The FDA Just Hand The E-Cigarette Market to Big Tobacco?

We have seen several articles lately concerning the FDA’s proposed deeming regulations.  Several of those mention the fact that the cost of inovation will skyrocket. The cost of getting...

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What e-Cigarette Brands Do You Use?

Spinfuel Invitation: What e-Cigarette Brands Do You Use? There are many brands of eCigarettes on the market today. While most of them are bit-players, around for while and then...

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balloon man

The Rise Of The Electronic Cigarette Cognoscenti

From Huffington Post by India Mandelkern The electronic cigarette has been on the scene for only a couple of years, but its proponents are already creating a vibrant culture...

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Innokin SVD 2 Review

Innokin SVD 2 Review by Smokenjoey

Innokin iTaste SVD 2 Review Hi Folks- This is a complete review of the Brand New Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 with the Evolv Microchip– Join me in unboxing, features,...

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E-cigarettes Gain Fans, Critics As Vaping Spreads

From Spartanburg Herald Journal by Trevor Anderson and Dustin Wyatt Gloria Roberts still remembers the dark cloud cigarettes once cast over her life. And why shouldn’t she? It was only five months ago...

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