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Are E-cigs Legit?

Spinfuel's Vapers News

Electronic cigarettes – new age cancer sticks or legit nicotine replacement devices? The e-cigarette market is booming across the...

WTFLOL Nightmare on Vape Street

WTFLOL Nightmare on Vape Street

 Nightmare on Vape Street Contribution From WTFLOL   As vaping becomes more mainstream the art of vaping™ will most...

Pioneer4You IPV4 Mod Review

Pioneer4You IPV Review and Demo

The Cold Open And The IPV4 The Pioneer4You IPV4 Demo And Review + Black Delta 2A huge thanks for...

Aspire ESP 30 Box Mod Review

Aspire ESP Box Mod Review

Did Aspire Misfire? The Aspire ESP 30 Box Mod Review I think the only other person in our business...

Admiral’s Reserve by Charlie Noble – Vapinski

Admiral's Reserve by Charlie Noble

Vaping With Vapinski – Admiral’s Reserve by Charlie Noble      I did a review awhile back on a few...

The CoilMaster Video Review By Gareth

CoilMaster Review - Gareth

Gareth Reviews and Demos the CoilMaster Sent to me free of charge for this review, price on the site...

Could NoNic™ Bypass Nicotine Regulations?

Is NoNic the answer to nicotine regulations?

Julia Speaks Out About NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement Quite some time ago I started giving serious thought to what we,...

eVo e-Liquid – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

evo eliquid 2015

eVo E-liquid-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Note* Two years ago the original Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team spent time with...

Vaporfi VOX II Review

VOX II Vaporfi Review

Spinfuel Reviews The VOX II From Vaporfi I really didn’t expect too much when I had agreed to review...

Kayfun v4 Daily Vape TV

The Kayfun 4 Review By Nick Bessette – Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV This one is for all you tank...

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Daily Vape TV and the Kayfun v4

Craft Vapery April 2015

Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV – Craft Vapery April 2015   Another month, another Craft Vapery unboxing video. Congratulations to the...

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Craft Vapery April – Giveaway Winner Announced!

Herakles Tank Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey And The Tale of Herakles Hi Folks, Join me as I do a complete Review of the Herakles...

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Smokenjoey And The Tale of The Herakles Tank

vapeporn - a special smokenjoey show

VapePorn –  Chain Smoker Dual Mech Mod  Hi Folks, I recently paid a visit to my local vape shop...

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VapePorn A Smokenjoey Treat

Vision MK Tank by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey Tackles The Vision MK Tank Hi Folks- this new Vision MK Tank is probably the best Sub Ohm...

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Vision MK Tank – Smokenjoey

Horizon's Arctic Tank

A Video Review Arctic Tank & Tank Giveaway FOR THE GIVEAWAY: The Arctic Tank by Horizon is a...

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Daily Vape TV – Arctic Tank & Giveaway!

Eastern Vapor - Daily Vape TV - Spinfuel

Daily Vape TV Eastern Vapor Review Here’s a quick one-off review of Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat flavored eliquid. If...

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Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat

SMOK VCT by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey and the SMOK VCT Hi Folks, join me as I review and compare the Smok Tech VCT Sub...

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SMOK VCT Subohm Tank Review

SMOK Xpro M80 Smokenjoey Review in Spinfuel

Smokenjoey Reviews The SMOK XPRO M80 Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the SMOK XPro M80 Plus...

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SMOK XPro M80 Box Mod Review

Spinfuel's Vapers News

Public Health & E-cig Misinformation

Physicians, Health Departments, Politicians, and Anti-Tobacco Groups are All Spouting Misinformation About Electronic Cigarettes In many of the news article that we post here, there is misinformation and sometimes...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Teens Try E-cig and Cigs The Same

Youth just as likely to try e-cigarettes as smoking If e-cigarettes were not around would the same teens then try smoking instead? Probably, as the same amount of youth...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Are E-cig Taxes Regressive?

Taxing the Working Class A variety of taxes are included in various legislation around the country. Vermont’s House passed a heath care bill that includes taxes on e-cigarettes and...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Bar Owners Oppose Smoking/Vaping Ban

Bar owners plan to fight Quebec’s proposed ban on smoking, vaping Retailers in Quebec are upset about a proposal to ban smoking and vaping on outdoor patios of bars...

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E-cig Tax Greed Undermines Public Health

E-cigarettes Would Be Tough To Tax Many states are looking to tax e-cigarettes for the purposes (as stated by the politicians) of putting the cost higher to dissuade teens...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Are E-cigs Legit?

Electronic cigarettes – new age cancer sticks or legit nicotine replacement devices? The e-cigarette market is booming across the US, Britain and other countries, but in Austrailia the products...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

E-cigs Are Less Addictive

Study shows electronic cigarettes are less addictive than conventional ones In an article today in the Providence Journal, a recent study is quoted about the addictiveness of e-cigarettes compared...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

E-cigs May Join Cigs in Tobacco Ordinance

City prepares to add restrictions to e-cigarettes Palo Alto is considering adding e-cigarettes to its smoking ordinance which will prohibit them being used in certain areas of the city....

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Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews The SmokTech Tumbler Clearomizer

SmokTech Tumbler Review

SMOKTech Tumbler Clearomizer Review  The Tumbler by SMOKTech is available at SmokenJoey’s Vape Shop for $12.69 for the kit version that includes 2 extra coil heads. As of today,...

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Commentary on E-cigs A Hatchet Job

Journal Commentary on E-Cigs is a Scientifically Unsupportable Hatchet Job A recent commentary in the Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology Journal is dissected by Dr. Michael Siegel. A commentary that...

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This Bickering Over E-cigarettes Could Choke The Message

Professionals should stop arguing over the dangers or benefits of e-cigarettes. The main task is to stop people taking up smoking From The Guardian by Ann Robinson E-cigarettes deliver...

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CVS And Cigarettes, An Embarrassing Rorschach Test

From Anti-THR Lies by Carl V. Phillips Presumably anyone who reads in this area is already aware that the CVS drug store chain announced that they will stop selling...

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Vapers News from Spinfuel

2014 E-cig & Tobacco Regs

A Look Back at Tobacco & E-cig Legislation in 2014 CSPnet takes a look at the regulations and legislation proposed and passed during 2014. An increasing number of state legislatures...

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