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Julia Talks Nitecore Chargers Nitecore Chargers – A 2015 Look At The Best Chargers For Vapers A good battery charger has never been more importan...

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Ogre Juice – Vaping With Vapinski

Vapinski Reviews Ogre JuiceI was lucky enough to meet the next vendor that I am reviewing at the Vape Expo in Hambu...

D’LICE-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - D'Lice eLiquidsD'Lice - 100% French e-liquid from elaboration to production. The a...


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Juice Broker? Now There’s An Idea!

Juice Broker? Why Didn’t I Think Of That?For quite some time now, especially after retail vape shops began opening up around the country faster than Starbucks, I wondered how shop...

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Mayor Vetoes E-cig Ban

Mayor vetoes ban on e-cigarettes in public buildingsThe Mayor of a Mississippi town has vetoed an ordinance th...