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A Deep Look At The Vision MK, Herakles, and The iJoy Acme Subohm Tanks.

Vision-Herakles-Acme-Slide Review

Vision MK, Herakles, and The iJoy Acme Subohm Tanks. Thanks to our partners Ave40 for sending along the Vision...

SMOK XPro M80 Plus Review

XPro M80 Plus Review

SMOK XPro M80 Plus The New SMOK XPro M80 Plus Box Mod by SMOKTech is one of the most...

I Can Vape If I Want To!

I can Vape if I want to!

The Vape and the Mark Benson The last few weeks have seen state authorities attempting to ban electronic cigarettes...

Aspire Atlantis & Platinum Kit Video Review

Atlantis V2 Platinum Kit - Aspire Vapor Authority

John Manzione’s Cold Open VLOG – Aspire Atlantis v2 Today’s edition of The Cold Open takes a look at...

Lucid Liquids Review By Vapinski


Vaping With Vapinski – Lucid Liquids This week started out warm, but we’re in for a small chilly spell....

Vision MK SubOhm – Cold Open

Vision MK Tank

The Cold Open And The Vision MK Subohm Tank Here we go, another day another subohm tank. Today it’s...

Psycho Tunes eLiquid – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Psycho Tunes

Psycho Tunes eLiquid Review Before we get into Psycho Tunes eLiquid, I would like to make a quick announcement about...

Alloy Blends Vaping With Vapinski

Alloy Blends - Vapinski

Alloy Blends Review by Vapinski Founded by Justin Time, (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) well known in the...

Herakles Tank Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey And The Tale of Herakles Hi Folks, Join me as I do a complete Review of the Herakles...

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Smokenjoey And The Tale of The Herakles Tank

vapeporn - a special smokenjoey show

VapePorn –  Chain Smoker Dual Mech Mod  Hi Folks, I recently paid a visit to my local vape shop...

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VapePorn A Smokenjoey Treat

Vision MK Tank by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey Tackles The Vision MK Tank Hi Folks- this new Vision MK Tank is probably the best Sub Ohm...

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Vision MK Tank – Smokenjoey

Horizon's Arctic Tank

A Video Review Arctic Tank & Tank Giveaway FOR THE GIVEAWAY: The Arctic Tank by Horizon is a...

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Daily Vape TV – Arctic Tank & Giveaway!

Eastern Vapor - Daily Vape TV - Spinfuel

Daily Vape TV Eastern Vapor Review Here’s a quick one-off review of Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat flavored eliquid. If...

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Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat

SMOK VCT by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey and the SMOK VCT Hi Folks, join me as I review and compare the Smok Tech VCT Sub...

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SMOK VCT Subohm Tank Review

SMOK Xpro M80 Smokenjoey Review in Spinfuel

Smokenjoey Reviews The SMOK XPRO M80 Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the SMOK XPro M80 Plus...

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SMOK XPro M80 Box Mod Review

Daily Vape TV- Sigelei 100w Plus Review SF

The Sigelei 100w Plus Review We would like to thank MyVaporStore for generously providing the Segilei 100w Plus for...

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Sigelei 100w Plus Review

Daily Vape TV Celebrates 1 year on YouTube

Daily Vape TV- One Year on YouTube Celebration! I had a great time hanging out with you guys, talking...

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One Year On YouTube – Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV

Spinfuel's Vapers News

FDA Director Zeller on Regulation

FDA director Zeller on deeming, modified risk and policy moving forward With the deeming rule coming this summer Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP),...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Senator Durban Calls for E-cig Tax

Durbin calls for tighter e-cigarette regulations Just yesterday we posted an article about Democratic Senator Schumer comments on teen use of e-cigarettes and the marketing of e-cigs. Today Democratic Senator Durbin joins...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Does Big Tobacco Understand Vapers?

Tobacco giants fund e-cigarettes LEAST likely to make you quit A recent study indicated that smokers or ex-smokers using tank systems were more likely to quit smoking than users...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Nicorette Lozenges Back on Shelves

A mysterious nicotine lozenge shortage that drove ex-smokers crazy is almost over A few months ago we had a post of an article telling of hoarding of Nicorette lozenges...

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Criticism For E-liquid Sampling Ban

AG’s proposals for restrictions on e-cigarettes draw criticism A proposed set of regulations on e-cigarettes would not allow for the sampling of e-juice by customers in vape shops is drawing...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Bill May Require Vape Shops to Move

Vape shop may face problems from smoking bill Alaska Senate Bill 1, which includes vaping under its definition of smoking, allows an exception for smoking in stores that “derive...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Bees Like Nicotine Too

Bees May Prefer Nectar With Nicotine-Like Pesticides New research claims to have found evidence linking possible addiction of bees to nectars exposed to nicotine-like pesticides. Scientists at the Newcastle University...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Schumer : Tobacco Rules Should Apply to E-cigs

Schumer says e-cigarette makers are marketing to children Democratic Senator Schumer continues his anti-vaping rhetoric after CDC’s report on teen use of e-cigarettes. Sen. Charles Schumer says the manufacturers...

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E-cig Sales Up in March

Electronic Cigarette Growth Re-Accelerates Good news for the e-cigarettes category in March. After several months of stable or declining sales volume the numbers for March show sales growth of...

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Interview with the Creators of Juggz Juice

Vaping to Save the Tatas! An interview with the creators of Juggz Juice, Jana Whetzal & Steve Johnson By David Desrosiers As a society we are all aware of...

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Health Worker Oversteps Law With E-cig Stores

From The Montana Standard by Mike Smith A county health worker said Thursday he apologized in person to two business owners for suggesting that use of electronic cigarettes in...

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E-cig Lures Unfounded

The concern electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking might be unfounded The BBC is reporting that data indicates that almost all vapers are current or former smokers. Over half...

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NJoy ‘Referees’ Call Penalties On New York Smokers During Super Bowl Week

From Advertising Age by Michael Sebastian Cigarette smokers braving New York’s cold weather this week could be in for a surprise this week. E-cig brand NJoy has deputized a group...

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