A New ProVape Provari APV Joins The Family

A New ProVape Provari APV Joins The Family


If you were to type the word ‘Provari’ into our search box you’d find that the word pops up more often than any other APV, probably by a factor of 10. Yet of more than 300 articles written in the past 12 months there is only one review for the Provari. That review, on the ProVari mini (black) was written last June, and since that time every writer on staff has referenced the ProVari in many articles since then. The reason? Because when you get down to it there is nothing out there that comes close to the quality and performance of a ProVape ProVari. Why is that?

ProVape ProVari Spinfuel

It seems that almost every day some company is announcing or releasing a new vaping device. In the past couple of months alone there must have been a dozen or more APV’s introduced. Some of them we’ve written about, some of them we haven’t yet. Some we may never review. After a while it becomes more difficult to write about APV’s because most of them perform at the same level and offer the same feature set. There is only so much you can say about a VV/VW APV.


The last time I got anywhere near excited about an APV was when the first Joyetech eVic arrived in the office. The eVic promised to be something altogether new; and it was. The eVic is, in my opinion, an honest and sincere effort on behalf of Joyetech to release an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that would deserve the spot at the top of the mountain. In many ways it succeeds as a top-notch APV; originality, sophistication, the melding of the APV and the computer, and even the design. It is, in many ways, a great APV. I’m proud to own one, a gift from SmokenJoey with the name Spinfuel engraved along the side. Every time I use it I notice the engraving, think of SmokenJoey, and I smile. (This is a good man).


Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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10 thoughts on “A New ProVape Provari APV Joins The Family

  1. Rip Washington

    I think it interesting that you bring up the aspect of one paying his or her dues before earning the right to own a Provari. I didn’t purchase mine until I saw the futility of continually buying inexpensive kits that failed to perform consistently more than a few weeks. But by the time I had been vaping nearly 2 years and understood what I was investing in. (As well as anyone could understand who had never used or owned a Provari.

    Fast forward 2 years and my big sister becomes interested in e-cigarettes. We’re both on limited budgets and I KNOW she’ll save money in the long run making her first pv a Provari.

    I didn’t open my mouth about it.

    I introduced her to Blu-cigs. When she quickly expressed displeasure with that, I took her to the local cape shop where she purchased an eGo (clone, I believe) and discovered juices and vape basics. She still had problems, so I purchased a Twist for her. Better results, but not quite right. Yet she was reasonably satisfied. Only THEN did I mention that sometime next year we might consider looking at the Provari.

    “Next year? I want one for CHRISTMAS.”

    Mind you, my sister doesn’t have internet access so she wouldn’t know a Provari from a bologna sandwich. But she was astute enough to observe that during the months I assisted her, I never once complained about my device (HER words, not mine). She had already decided that whatever I had was what she wanted.

    I purchased a Provari mini kit (blue w/blue LED) for her last week.

    She loves it..

    But I think I was correct in allowing her to experience “not-Provari” in order for her to appreciate Provari ownership.

  2. Ted Green

    An oustanding piece on the legendary Provari. When one reads the reviews on Provapes website, one can see how bullet-proof and satisfying it is. I started vaping two years ago. I’m a Measurement science engineer dealing mostly with electronic equipment. So, when I started vaping, I started off kind off slow, but, quicky got into rebuildables. (After being in the field 30 years I can transpose ohms, watts, current in volts in my head.) After the eVic came out, I bought that, attracted by the downlaodable data. But, I still want a Provari! I have run into some limitations that I know the Provari doesn’t have. Someday, I will have one, and on that day I will definitely feel I deserve it!

  3. Dustin

    I got my Provari 2 weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I love the thing. Is there room for improvement? YES. Is it variable wattage? Meh. I would not consider myself an “experienced” vaper, but I learn more and more every day. I’ve been experimenting with various tanksm, etc. The one and only thing I think they could improve upon is the top cap/connector section. A deeper juice well with some sort of adjustable airflow on it, so people who like to use things like the iClear, locking Carto tanks, etc. I know these aren’t top of the line RBA’s or a high end glass carto tank. What they are however is something that a lot of people like using. Just because I spent a ton of money on a high end mod, doesn’t mean I want to deal with all the fuss that the high end juice delivery systems require. Most carto tanks are a little fussy when taking off the mod and have been known to occasionally slide off the carto while in someone’s pocket. RBA tanks can’t be left on their side. I wanted a high end device, but I also want something that is easy to deal with on a day to day basis. I’m constantly on the go at work and always have my mod on me. This is my one and only gripe with the Provari.

  4. Perry

    price has alot to do with it, whether you buy one or not. For some they can’t/won’t justify the price. It is one of the most expensive mods on the market. For others they will buy it because of the price. The fact that it is so expensive means it must be better, they deserve the best, they want to be part of the “owners” club.

    This mentality starts to fall into the “fan boy” area. Kind of like the deal with apple products. Most can’t tell you why its the best other that its made by apple.

    I really can’t see how its so much better than another device. I mean is the provari’s 3.7 setting better or more efficient than the zmax 3.7 setting?

    In the end it comes down to personal preference and what the user values more. Do you want the distinction of saying I have the best because it costs the most or do you say I won’t buy into the hype and use the $$ I would spend on a provari and buy 3 devices. Think rolex vs timex. Both watches but one is “the best” and the other one is the “every” man watch. Both tell time the exact same way.

    1. Sam

      Well, 3.7v on a Zmax or any other mod in its class is actually not the same as 3.7v on a Provari. What is to me the main appeal of the Provari is that you actually get the voltage you set. Mods like the Zmax will not actually give you the voltage you set it at once it has to deal with a load, i.e. a tank’s resistance. Also, many mods from China, Zmax included, use the infamous 33.3 rattlesnake chip, which does the job albeit in a more crude manner than the sophisticated electronics in a Provari. As far as I know, there is no VV mod that comes anywhere close to a Provari in terms of firing, durability, clinical accuracy, and most of all build quality. I’ve owned a lavatube, zmax, evic, SVD, MVP and Provari 2.5. Out of all those, only the Provari, Evic and MVP are still functioning as they should. I feel this kind of justifies the price point since one Provari likely costs less than 3 decent vv china mods. As mentioned in the article, you’d be hard pressed to find any problems with a Provari although there is room for improvement as there always will be. Just my two cents, sorry for the rambling, cheers mate, vape proud¡ :)

      1. Sam

        Oh, and also, another thing I habe only seem from a Provari is the ability to fire consistently right up until the battery drops below I think 3.2v. You get the same vape on a fresh battery as the last vape before it stops firing. China mods in my experience tend to falter somewhat as the battery drops to near the cutoff point. And I can’t say I know exactly how or why, but the Provari does seem to use power more efficiently. An 18490 is more than enough to get me through an entire day from about 9am to 12 or 1 that night firing at 4.7v throughout the day. I was pretty sceptical at first too man. Try a head-to-head comparison with another vv mod. Set them to the same voltage, same fresh IMR batteries etc. Have a vape on both with the same tank and juice. I promise you will see the difference.

  5. Grady

    I wouldn’t have savored the taste and increased vapor of my first disposable Blu ecig if I hadn’t first suffered through the njoy I bought at Walmart in yet another desperate attempt to quit smoking. I wouldn’t be so impressed with my current ego battery and tank system if I had started out with it. And, I wouldn’t be so excitedly awaiting the arrival of my first VV ecig, The EGO Twist, if I hadn’t experienced some occasional disappointment with my current setup. The greatest thing about Ecigs, in my opinion, isn’t just the opportunity to quit smoking “analogs”, its about discovering a new way to enjoy the activity we all love. Vaping is more then a nicotine delivery system. I understand why for some people jumping all in and getting the best system at the get go makes sense, but for me the journey has been a large part of the fun. The search new flavors and equipment is a constant source of enjoyment for me, the discovery and anticipation of new things is what makes this a hobby for me instead of just a cigarette replacement. Kudos to the story angle taken here, its one of the many things that make this magazine fun to read!

  6. jrmcquill

    I’ve been an apprentice in the Professional Golfers Association of America and managed wine departments for a major retailer in Chicago. My experience has shown me that not only am I welcome to newcomers, but so are the vast majority of “seasoned” veterans. Is there a learning curve with any new endeavor in life, sure, and the people who help the most are those who have been at it for a while.

    When I first got into ecigs, I really wish someone would have just told me point blank, “Buy a ProVari NOW!!” Simple fact is it would’ve saved me hundreds of dollars…at least the expense of the ProVari itself. If I had $100,000 to cough up on a luxury car, I would do it! I’ve always dreamed of owning a 911 Turbo. However, I would not presume to know anything about the inner workings of it’s beastly flat-6, or how to navigate the apex of a local track’s turns, nor would I show up to that track pretending I did. What I would do, is lean on those “in the know” to take me under their wing and show me the ropes, therefore enabling me to enjoy my fine piece of craftsmanship even more!

    All I know is that as soon as I had my first vape on a ProVari, I understood what all the hype was about. The juice DID in fact taste better. Was it in my head…maybe? But to this day, it is my preferred device. I enjoy my Zmax, twists, Bolt, GG clone and Vamo…I’ve even joined a co-op on the Innokin SVD. They all have their place, and the APV itself is just part of the puzzle.

    Listen, it does take an inexperienced palate some education to appreciate an old Bordeaux from a good vintage, but how are you going to learn if you don’t try? What I do know is that no matter how bad of a golfer you are, the latest TaylorMade driver is not going to let you break par. You HAVE to be a legitimate scratch golfer to have a chance of throwing up a 68. However, if you do put that latest TM driver on a robotic testing device, I guarantee it will outperform a $30 “knockoff”. Maybe this is the case with the ProVari?

    By the way, I’ve only been vaping for 3 months, so whether I’m “deserving” or not, I don’t care. I smoked Marl Lights…were they the pinnacle of tobacco products? Absolutely not. I’m here to quit smoking, and found out that I can actually really enjoy what I’m sending past my taste buds when I crave the nicotine. Could I afford my ProVari? Can I afford the second one that’s almost certain to join my lineup? Maybe? But never in my mind did I think I was ponying up for the vaping equivalent of a 911 Turbo!

  7. Ian

    Provari’s are great, don’t get me wrong. I own two.
    They deliver amazing accuracy, and form-factor permitting, one of the best mods on the market for most vapors using clearos/cartos/tanks/attys.

    The only things that the provari’s lack, however, is a large amperage output necessary for certain RBA’s, and for low resistance dual and three coil setups.


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