A Battery Chart For All Your APV Battery Needs

A Battery Chart For All Your APV Battery Needs

Which APV battery for which APV?

Have you ever browsed a vendor’s website looking for a new APV or at least window shopping for one and though to yourself, “Do I need a battery for this?” “Might I already have one?”, or “Should I buy one or not?” We’ve done it, and it drives us crazy. Thinking we have a battery on hand only to find out later that we didn’t is a frustrating situation. APV Battery shopping is nothing to sneeze at.

Spinfuel APV Battery ChartSo, we asked Michael Martin, a fellow Vaper who lives in the same town as our Spinfuel HQ and is a member of our FaceBook page, if he could create an easy-to-follow list of the top, a current APV’ Battery Chart and what their battery requirements were. He said “sure, I can do that”, and a couple of hours later the list arrived. He included a must-have notation on each APV too, whether or not it take a button-top or flat-top battery, or even both.

This is a pretty comprehensive list as of March 26th, 2013. Did we miss any? Are the battery requirements correct? What about brand? Which brands of batteries are your favorite, and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

We will continue to update this list as new APV’s are released.

These three vendors stock all these batteries, and more, so if you need one, or more, feel free to click the link to the vendor of your own choice. Got a favorite vendor? Tell us about it, and why they are your favorite.

myvaporstore and thedigitalcig are vendors that carry a wide assortment of batteries for your APV’s

Thank you!

Keira Hartley and Julia Barnes… and Michael Martin 


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  1. Kyle Butcher

    Great article! I am def bookmarking this list! Always good to know what my mod accepts. Thank you very much!


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