Third Times The Charm – An e-Liquid Review Mt Baker Vapor

“Third Time’s The Charm” With Mt. Baker Vapor

Lead Writer John Manzione, with Tom McBride, Keira Hartley, Jason Little

I’m sure not who made the choices this time out for the 12-eJuice flavors in this review but whoever it was chose well. Very well. The flavors we write about today are truly special. Not that every one came out as 5-Star Spinfuel Choice Award winner, but there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. I’m not going to speak for everyone (they’ll do that below) but I am impressed at what we were able to enjoy for 96 hours (without vaping any other brand). I think you will be as well.

The eLiquid Choices

A wide variety of eLiquids were chosen this time out. They are, in no particular order…

  • Mango E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Cinnamon Roll E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Coumarin Pipe E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Havana E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Vanilla Tobacco E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Salt Water Taffy E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Caramel Apple E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Caramel Coffee E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Nutella E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Boom Choco-Latte E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Sticky Bun E Juice Baker Vapor
  • Butter Pecan E Juice Baker Vapor

You should be aware that all eLiquids we received were at the requested nicotine level of 12MG. eLiquid “blend” was the MBV default, mostly 80% PG, 20% VG. For review purposes we choose to vape the vendors ‘recommended’ ratios.

The Players And Their Equipment

Because our usual leader, Julia Barnes, and her second in command, Keira Hartley, are currently in Boston the responsibility has fallen to me (John Manzione) to assemble the team and decide on the parameters for this review. I decided not to use any cartomizers, save for my trusty Johnson Creek Vea and the JC Vea cartomizers) this time and instead rely solely on clearomizers, well, except for the Vea.

I chose Tom McBride and Jason Little, both true eLiquid connoisseurs if there ever was one, and Angel, our newest recruit and Tom’s main squeeze. And to round out the team, Mr. Jon Locke, our head graphics guy. Nearly all the custom graphics you see on the site are the work of Jon Locke. I believed I put together a well-rounded team and I think the results will bear that out.

As I said, I used my Johnson Creek Vea as well as my ProVari with the Kanger ProTank and iClear 30’s. Tom used his VAMO 2 with a ProTank, a couple of Vivi Nova’s and he was equipped with an adapter so he could also use several bottom-coil Kanger T3’s. Jason used the mini-battery 777 eCigs Bullet system (1.3ML mini-clearomizers), along with a ZMAX, ProTank, iClear, and Kanger T3’s. Angel also used the 777 eCigs Bullet as well as a couple of Vision Spinners and various Clearomizers. An assortment of long-wick clearomizers were used when and where needed, and several adapters to use them on 510-threaded batteries. All in all, the various batteries and eLiquid-filled attachments gave us a good idea of how the flavors tasted under numerous circumstances.

Scoring and the Spinfuel Choice Awards

Our scores range from 1 to 5 stars. Scoring a 1 would mean that the eLiquid under review was deemed ‘unvapeable’ by the person scoring, while 5 stars indicated a great tasting flavor with voluminous amounts of vapor, a more-than-decent throat hit, as well as satisfying ‘vape’. In other words, a 5 star rated flavor was an example of a great eLiquid that the reviewer could not find fault with. If any flavor scored 5 stars from all the team members then that flavor would be awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award.Spinfuel Choice Award 2013

Keep in Mind

While we choose to assemble 4 or 5 full-time vapers with plenty of experience with dozens and dozens of brands and flavors, knowledge of the process of creating an eLiquid and good judgment about whether or not the eJuice in question is something that many would deem favorably or is better suited as a niche flavor (see below), in the end the choice must be yours. If you’ve found that one of our team members has a similar ‘profile’ to your own then by all means consider their scores and their remarks to be similar to your own.

Something New

In this review we begin something new. We are going to include a remark from each team member about each flavor and whether or not they believe the eJuice flavor to be one that most vapers should consider, or whether it might best be considered a niche flavor, one with limited appeal. Taken to the extreme, you might say that an eLiquid flavored with ‘celery salt’ might be a niche flavor, while a vanilla-based flavor would have a wider appeal, unless it to was blended with celery salt. (There is no such flavor; I pulled it out of the clouds). In any case, a team member might score a flavor the full 5 stars and designate it a niche flavor, and you might want to take that into consideration when deciding whether that flavor is something that might appeal to you.

Mt Baker Vapor Particulars

For those of you that are not familiar with Mt Baker Vapor, here are some of the particulars about their eLiquids.

Bottle Sizes: 15ML, 30ML and 60ML

Prices: 15ML: 4.99 30ML – $7.49 60ML – $10.99

Note* that Spinfuel believes Mt Baker Vapor to be the least expensive “premium” eLiquid vendor. We have labeled them “premium vendor” because of their consistent talent deliver well above average flavors that provide ample vapor and throat hit in most flavors. The number of choices made available to the customer, and their complete cooperation in customer service, as well as their mixing, packaging, and shipping facility are certainly ‘premium’ standards.

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg – 6mg – 12mg 18mg 24mg and 36mg (product pages default to 18mg)

PG/VG Ratios

  • PG: 100%
  • PG/VG 80/20
  • PG/VG 65/35
  • PG/VG 50/50
  • PG/VG 20/80
  • VG70% & Distilled H20 30%
  • MaxVG%

Extra Flavoring: Up to 5 shots of extra flavoring are available at 25 cents per shot.

Ship Times: Ships within 24 hours unless otherwise noted – No Spinfuel Staffer has never waited longer than that for any MBV order to ship.

And Now… The Team Delivers…

Flavor descriptions are not available, instead each flavor contains the following: Our 100% USA made Nicotine juice comes in a variety of blends and strengths. Please select the options to complete your juice order. The Mango e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings. All our e liquids come in 15 ml childproof dropper bottles. The Mango E Juice is freshly mixed when you order so you will never get any old product from us. In order to add the item to your cart you will need to select all of the options. All our e juices ship out within 24 hours of order time. Most of the time sooner.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please send us an email via our contact page.

Mango E Juice Baker Vapor – Flavor Description Not Available

John: 4 Stars – Appeal: Wide – This particular mango flavored eLiquid is the 3rd one I’ve tried in as many months. It is also the one that tastes ‘most’ like Mango. Mangos are one of my favorite fruits, despite being allergic to them as a child living in Miami. Mango reminds me an earthy, lust-filled fruit. To be frank, eating a mango is almost erotic.

I enjoyed this mango ejuice quite a bit. A nice throat hit, plenty of vapor, though not as much as some others, and a nice delivery. For fruity vapers I highly recommend it. Cons: My desire to vape a mango flavor that delivers as much mango flavor as a fully ripened red mango the size of a nerf football.

Tom: 4 Stars – Appeal: Wide – This is my 2nd mango flavored eLiquid and it tastes more like mango then the other one, yet not mango enough. I was recently introduced to this fruit and it has a very distinct flavor, almost musty, very juicy, and full of texture. I think MBV is using the best mango concentrate available but I also think that mango concentrate needs to improve. Still, I enjoyed this one quite a bit and highly recommend it to vapers that enjoy fruit flavors.

Angel: 5 Stars – Appeal: Wide – I fell hard for this ejuice. I am a fruit Vaper and this is something new, different, and delicious. Tons of flavors, deep, rich fruit flavor, along with more than enough vapor for my needs, and a decent throat hit. I was very satisfied as a Vaper. Highly recommended.

Jon: 5 Stars – Appeal: Wide – I can’t think of anything I don’t like about MBV Mango. For fruit vapers looking for something new you cannot go wrong with it. While not as heavily flavored as a real mango from a tree, it comes really close. Kind of sweet, earthy, and a really pleasant vape. This will become one of my most vaped fruit flavors.

Jason: 4 Stars – Appeal: Wide – I think it would be natural for many people to consider Mango to be a niche flavor because the mango fruit is not as popular as most other fruits at the grocery store, or even a fruit stand in Florida. I like the level of sweetness this one provides, and as an eLiquid I think it is very satisfying. If you’ve been holding back from trying a mango-flavored ejuice this is the one you should try. At $4.99 for 15ML how can you pass up the opportunity to vape something really new?

Cinnamon Roll E Juice Baker Vapor – Flavor Description Not Available

John: 5 Stars – Appeal: Wide – I was glad to see this flavor included because the cinnamon roll flavor is one of my favorite eLiquids. This one from MBV does not disappoint. Truly sweet, fully flavored, with plenty of authentic cinnamon roll flavor, this one is already a part of my collection. If you are a Vaper of cinnamon flavors this is one you have to try. Note – if you are expecting a hot cinnamon flavor you won’t find it here. This is a sweet cinnamon “roll”, emphasis on the roll. Cinnamon Roll offers outstanding vapor; a true throat hit and is very, very satisfying.

Tom: 4.75 Stars – Appeal: Wide – I have to admit my “like” of this eJuice flavor has improved. I don’t know if MBV tweaked the recipe or not, but I enjoyed this one much more than before. More than enough vapor output, and a long inhale will provide an excellent throat hit, even at 12MG nicotine. I would have given this a 5 Star rating, but I held back a quarter of a star over the sweetness. There is another MBV that’s even sweeter, but this too was a little over the threshold for me. I don’t think there are many vapers out there that wouldn’t love this flavor if they like other cinnamon roll, or cinnamon bun eJuices.

Angel: 5 Stars – Appeal: Wide – One of my all time favorite flavors, cinnamon bun/roll is a great flavor for vaping. So sweet, so rich, so satisfying, how can anyone not love it? If you’ve enjoyed other cinnamon bun/roll eLiquids before this is one you simply must try. I bet you would find it one of your favorites. Vapor, Throat Hit, satisfaction all scored extremely well for me.