Spinfuel Giveaway – Win a Vapage VMOD XL!

Spinfuel Giveaway – Win a Vapage VMOD XL!

Vapage VMOD XL eCigarette Review



Spinfuel Giveaway Vapage VMOD XL(ed-note* – The Vapage Vmod 2, Premium Kit ($99) is our choice for the Historic Giveaway currently running in Spinfuel. Four of these kits were donated by Vapor Phoenix and are a part of the incredible prizes in each of the four giveaways. For more details click here)


After our huge disappointment in the Boge Revolution 2.1 eCigarette we began to wonder if a good bottom-feeder PV even existed. Soon after the poor showing of the Boge we were introduced to the Vapage Vmod 2.0, submitted for review by Vapor Phoenix, a vendor with a large assortment of the most popular hardware and accessories at amazingly low prices. When it was suggested that the Vapage Vmod 2.0 become of official PV of our historic giveaway we jumped at the opportunity. Once you’ve read this review we think you’ll understand why.


When veteran Vaper’s speak about ‘bottom-feeder’ eCigarette PV’s they’re talking about a piece of hardware that features a bottle that holds a good amount of eJuice in the bottom part of the unit along with a decent sized battery. The eJuice in this reservoir feeds from the bottom up into a cartomizer.  Small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, the idea is to have a compact vaping system that you can carry along with you on extended business, travel, or running errands around town. It’s discreet as well so you can vape in the security that you won’t be stared at as you would if you decided to take along the wonderful but not-for-public-vaping Apollo VTube.


A good bottom feeder will sport a comfortable design, one that you can wrap your hand around without sharp edges that would make impressions on your hand should you squeeze too hard. Small enough that you can stick it in your pants pocket without fear of being stared at or being poked in the wrong place.


It most also have a large enough bottle (reservoir) so that even the heaviest of vapers (heavy, as in heavy use, not heavy as in a hefty sized human) can vape for several hours or days without having to worry about running out of ejuice. Naturally, a large reservoir wouldn’t be worth very much without a large enough battery that will last at least several hours. Lastly, a good bottom-feeder should be rugged enough to be your “outdoor” vaping unit. It must be able to sit in your pocket or purse and be tossed about while you are living your life. This feature is paramount, and the Boge Revolution 2.1 failed this aspect in our review so poorly it was laughable. Not so with the Vapage Vmod 2.


Sometimes called a “juice box” because it reminds some of drinking from, well, a juice box, those squeezable cartons with a skinny straw. The metaphor isn’t a bad one, exactly, but luckily the “box” doesn’t collapse on you; and the cartomizer ‘with or without’ a drip tip is quite a bit wider than that skinny plastic straw. Still, I get the connection.



Spinfuel Giveaway Vapage VMOD XL


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