Guide To Vaping “Forming A Co-op”

Guide To Vaping “Forming A Co-op”

Guide To Vaping

Guide to Vaping - A Co-op

One of the best ways to save money and still enjoy the hobby of vaping is to join, or start, a co-op. A “cooperative” can consist of as few as 2 or 3 people or as many as, well, as many as you want. In a successful co-op everybody benefits. Vapers get to try out eLiquids they’ve never tried before, trade hardware, exchange tanks for clearomizers, or a hundred other things. Vaping Co-ops are all the rage right now because as the economy refuses to get better, and vaping becomes more and more mainstream, there is no better way to keep the hobby exciting then to interact with other like-minded people and trade with them, or use the collective purchasing power to get great deals.

A Cooperative

A co-op (or coop) is something I like to refer to as a “friendly society”, where profit is not the defining goal, but rather the benefit of the individual through the cooperation of the whole. It’s not socialism, but it’s not exactly capitalism either. It’s just a way to, in my mind, enjoy the benefits of group purchases or group sharing. Having said that, very few co-ops are truly successful because there are always a few people who are hardwired to cheat, steal, or scam others. Knowing that before finding one, or starting one, will allow you to set your goals a bit more realistically.

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