Innokin iTaste SVD … At last – A Spinfuel Review

Innokin iTaste SVD … At last – A Spinfuel Review

I’ve wanted to do a review of the Innokin iTaste SVD since it started shipping, but whenever the timing worked out where we had a spot on our publishing schedule the vendors we use were either out of stock or didn’t carry Innokin products at all. So, out of all the PV and APV’s we’ve reviewed lately the SVD has been the most elusive. Until now…

Mountain Oak Vapors to the Rescue!

Innokin iTaste SVD Review SpinfuelYou’ve probably noticed that several eLiquid vendors have started to carry more hardware then they used to, and our great friends at Mountain Oak Vapors have been steadily building an inventory of specific, highly desired and highly targeted products. Because of the hard time I was having finding even one iTaste SVD I happened it mention to the owner of Mountain Oak Vapors and he told me he stocked it and would be more than happy to send one out. A couple of days later it arrived.

Now I can finally deliver our review on this much talked about, much hyped APV thanks to Mountain Oak Vapors. So the next time you find yourself picking out eLiquids at Mountain Oak Vapors make sure to stop by their hardware section. I think you’ll be delighted to see what they offer. The pricing is excellent and the stock levels are generous. The SVD starter kit sells for $99, the same price as the biggest vendors. As of today (May 14th, 2013) there are 33 left in stock.


Innokin SVD – Introduction


I must admit I had some preconceptions about the iTaste SVD, which by the way stands for “Superior Vaping Device”, and they all turned out to be wrong. To my surprise the SVD is a telescopic APV. I did not expect that. Because it is telescopic it can handle three different batteries: (use IMR types) the 18350, 18500, and 18650. It is 510 and eGo threaded as well, giving you a lot of options for size, weight, and eLiquid delivery. Without a doubt, it scores highly in the versatility department.

It is also thicker than I expected, especially since I didn’t expect a telescopic device. Even with the 18350 (smallest) battery installed it is a tad heavier than I imagined it would be, and with the 18650 battery and SVD extension tube it’s quite a hefty setup, and rather tall. Add an iClear 30 to it and you have something very substantial indeed. In addition, it is a stainless steel device, head to toe, which adds to the heftiness factor. Still, it never felt too heavy, and it is a very evenly distributed weight so it never


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  1. Shawn Emerson

    Your review is spot on. I received my svd last week and it is everything you said in your review. It fits my hand just right, does not feel too heavy and I love all the functions! Your review was the deciding factor for me as to which apv to get. Keep up the good work!


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