UPDATED: Mister E-Liquid – A Spinfuel eLiquid Review

Mister E-Liquid Review And Update

It isn’t often that we get the chance to take a step back and happily, seriously ecstatically happy to correct ourselves with regard to one of our in-depth eLiquid Reviews. Today is a great day to do just that.

Below is our original review of Mister E-Liquid and the various ‘flavor blends’ we had the opportunity to review. Although our tasting scores remain the same we made several errors in other areas that we intend to correct now.

Pricing – Although we make a stop at the vendors website while conducting our final polish of a review we apparently got the pricing wrong. Take a look at the pricing in our review and in the information we received from Dan Lawitzke:

While the prices are certainly lower than we originally published I been assured by our proofreader that the prices were carefully looked at during the final read-through. I have no idea how this actually happened; regardless, the prices are lower than originally reported and that is a good thing.

Photos of the facility – Since we asked for photos and didn’t receive them, and we did not get a response from two emails we sent out over the past 3 weeks we were left to believe that they either didn’t want to send over photos (for whatever reason) or they simply did not wish to pursue the review/interview that was put into play. Below we stated this:

It was a disappointment that the owners of Mister E-Liquid backed out of the interview and refused to send photos of their mixing areas. We cannot in good conscious recommend them as a reliable vendor. A few of the eLiquid flavors were excellent, one even scoring high enough to receive a Spinfuel Choice Award, no easy feat. However, it is possible that after several our previous reviews they simply changed their mind about having their eLiquids reviewed at all.” (emphasis added)

Last night we received, understandably, a rather stern email from Dan Lawitzke, owner of Mister E-Liquid, along with several photos of his facility. Clearly, the environment and the equipment indicate an exemplary mixing area. Clean, modern, and free of observable contamination, so we completely retract our poorly made ‘assumption’ that Mister E-Liquid had a facility they did not want others to see. In the words of our publisher, John Manzione, “It looks like a damn fine facility to me!” We couldn’t agree more and it is very much a relief that this is so.

So, what went wrong?

We can think of a couple of things that may have caused this embarrassing situation, with equal blame to go around.

We did a couple of follow-ups in emails requesting the photos and the interview, and looking back on it and considering the current state of most eLiquid vendors today, the reason for the delay could very well have been that Dan Lawitzke was just too busy to take the couple of hours needed to complete an interview and gather up some photos and send them off. While unfortunate, we have them now and will share them with our readers.

We believe we could have followed up more aggressively in our pursuit to obtain the photos and complete the interview, and quite correctly, take full responsibility for not doing so.


Menthol – We stated in the review that we do not have anyone on the staff that can appreciate menthol blends. Dan Lawitzke was very disappointed in our review because they (Mister E-Liquid) are very proud of their menthol line. We can certainly understand that, and we apologized in the review and do so again now.

What we need to do is find an ex-smoker who preferred menthol cigarettes, who has switched to electronic cigarettes, who currently vapes menthol blends, and who qualifies as a writer, and an eLiquid connoisseur. This person would also have to be local, able to work full-time at our office, and she would have to be very attractive, single, and have a great personality. Hey! It’s possible!

Seriously though, we do need to add a menthol eLiquid Vaper to the team and we are working hard to find that person. In fact, we have three interviews today, hopefully one of the fills the bill. (If and when that someone is found we will make an announcement immediately.)

It would have been nice (now that’s an understatement) if both Spinfuel and Mister E-Liquid had been able to find the time to gather up all the information needed to complete these very long reviews and we regret any disinformation that was published in the original review. A closer working relationship is in order, with every vendor we work with.

We absolutely, 100%, retract any thing in the review that would lead anyone to think that Mister E-Liquid would have anything to hide with respect to the condition of their facility. Clearly their facility is clean, modern, and contamination free. We would not hesitate to purchase eLiquid from Mister E-Liquid, and we hope you won’t hesitate either.

Has Any Good Come From All This?

We hope so. For Spinfuel moving forward we promise to be more aggressive when it comes to “hanging chads” and will follow up as much as needed until all the information we need is gathered up and worked into any future reviews. Spinfuel reaches a very large number of Vapers in the vape community and we need to be a bit more careful. This debacle will make us even more resilient when it comes to “getting it exactly right”.

This should also serve as an example to other vendors who are working with various publications. Tens of thousands of Vapers depend on sources like Spinfuel and others to provide them with honest, in-depth information and when that information doesn’t reach them/us, mistakes like this can and do happen. My only advise to other vendors is that if you are going to commit to a review/interview/photos or whatever, make sure that you have the time to complete the task, or don’t do it all. Mister E-Liquid shipped their eLiquids to Spinfuel in January, and only after the review was published on April 2nd did the interview and photos arrive. This should not have happened.

We all make mistakes, and for our part in the Mister E-Liquid review we take full responsibility. This update/correction will not sit here idly, we will make every effort to see that every reader comes back to read this portion, and that in the future this portion of the review is read first.

Our apologies go out to Dan Lawitzke and the Mister E-Liquid staff. Oh, and congratulations on being awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award for your Banana Nut Bread. You can bet we’ll be placing our orders for it soon!

Most respectfully,

Julia Barnes

The Review As Originally Published

Mister E-Liquid is a freestanding vape shop in Grand Rapids Michigan where, in addition to eLiquids, mods and accessories are sold. The eLiquids are made to order but it is not clear whether the bottles are mixed at the vape shop or elsewhere. They are shipped to you within 24-48 hours of placing your order, and Mister E-Liquid will ship internationally.

Home Steeping: We advise at least a week to 10 days of home steeping before realizing the full flavor of their blends.

Specs: Mister E-Liquid offers 6ml, 18ml, and 36ml sizes, ranging from 0mg nicotine all the way up to 32mg nicotine. Our samples were 18ML bottles at 12MG nicotine. They also offer a range of PG/VG ratios from 100% PG, 20% VG, 33% VG 40% VG and 50% VG. Our samples were all 33% VG.

There is no option for ‘extra shots’ of flavoring, but that’s neither here nor there. Upon request however, they will add extra shots.

Flavors In This Review: We were sent 16 flavors representing a wide array of the flavor palette offered by Mister E-Liquid. The flavors in this review include:

Grey Matter – Dime Piece – Blue Dragon – Dew Des MTV – Menthol Med

Strawberry Angel – Green Pear Ice – Cherry Lemonade – Casino 21 – Jamocha Haze – Berry A Peeling – Banana Nut Bread – Pure Michigan – Mister E-Ice – Black Smith – Pink Dragon.

Packaging – Packaging of the eLiquid is simple plastic bottles with a basic branded label. The flavors are written in magic marker on the label, along with the amount VG on one side the nicotine level on the other. While nice packaging is definitely a much-desired feature in our personal eLiquid purchases, it’s not what counts when it comes to reviewing the flavor of an eLiquid. Having said that, the Mister E-Liquid “presentation” is amateurish, and certainly not in line with some of the premium brands we’ve reviewed in the past.

Odd’s and End’s – The lack of presentation in the packaging and the design of the website leads one to think that Mister E-Liquid is not a premium eLiquid vendor. This is reinforced by the number of spelling errors on the website, which were numerous. (most were corrected in this review) This type of ‘sloppiness’ is unacceptable on sites that try to present themselves as premium vendors. While Mister E-Liquid has plenty of loyal customers who absolutely love their flavors, their pricing is a little too high for the quality of eLiquid you get when you order from them. They are American Made eLiquids, but we could not find any information on the website that tells us their ingredients are 100% American “Sourced”.


6ML – $3.75

18ML – $13.70

36ML – $18.75

Free shipping for orders over $50 (except international shipping)

The Mister E-Liquid Review

We committed to doing this review, and doing it fairly, back in January. Since we received 18ML bottles there was only enough eJuice for 3 members of the team, Julia, Tom and Jason. The review was conducted for 72-hours in the first week of February after allowing 10 days for steeping.

Equipment Used:

Tom: The eLiquids were vaped with a VAMO, a variable voltage APV with Vivi Nova Clearomizers, 2.4ohm heads. Vivi tubes cleaned after each flavor was vaped and heads were changed as well.

Jason: The eLiquids were vaped with two different APV’s; a ZMAX with Vivi Nova’s in the same manner as Tom, as well as a Johnson Creek VEA.

Julia: A ZMAX was the APV used. Vivi Nova’s were used, and with an adapter, several Kanger T3’s were used as well.

Judging: The usual Spinfuel 5-Star Rating System was used for this review.

The Flavors (written in February 2013)

Casino 21Beta Tested under the name Blend 21, Casino is the latest from Mister-E-Liquid’s Sig. Tobacco Series.  Casino 21 has an analog feel with some rich earthy tones.  Top it off with a nice thump in the back of your throat and you have Casino 21.  Great flavor, great vapor production and great throat hit. An all around juice!

Julia: Casino 21 had a confusing flavor. My immediate reaction was a ‘grassy’ taste, but the aroma, which does have the hint of fresh cut grass, could have affected that. Without knowing that this was a tobacco flavor I would not have been able to discern it on my own. Vapor was plentiful, throat hit ample, but the flavor just didn’t cut it. 2.5 Stars