The Mt Baker Vapor e Juice Review

The Mt Baker Vapor e Juice Review

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013UPDATE:

January 10th, 2013 – e Juice review – Mt Baker Vapor has garnered nine (9) Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence in eLiquid Artistry. The Choice Award is given to individual flavors that have earned across-the-board praise for flavor, consistency, vapor, throat, and more. For more about the Spinfuel Choice Award Click Here. This is Spinfuel’s 1st of 4  e juice review for Mt Baker Vapor.


Spinfuel Choice Award

The history of Mt Baker Vapor begins like many other eLiquid companies: starting out as a DIY juice mixer, sharing with friends, selling to friends, launching a website and finally going pro. eCigarettes are a new product; American Made eJuice is even newer. Like a handful of other juice makers, Mt Baker Vapor is a trailblazer, offering Vapers a better vaping experience. Mt Baker Vapor has succeeded where so many others have failed; they built a business through hard work and good products.e liquid review

Our review consists of several selections (a mere fraction of the currently available 198 flavors!) from Mt Baker Vapor, which we believe represents the wide range of their eJuice, from the single-flavor juice to the more complicated two or three flavor ejuice. e juice review

Why Mt Baker Vapor?

Our e Liquid review come from suggestions we receive in email from our readers, as well as from within. When a staff member discovers a new eLiquid or a new-to-us eLiquid brand we will make a note of it and bring it up in the next meeting. In the case of Mt Baker Vapor a friend in the industry suggested it to us. After we checked them out at as well as a few forums or other online sources we decided to invite them to be reviewed.

Our motivating factor to review Mt Baker, beyond the suggestion, was the sheer number of ejuice flavors and the price point. How can you sell a 30ML bottle of eLiquid for $7.49 when all those around you sell 30ML bottles for $13.99-$19.99? “Surely Mt Baker must take some shortcuts in order to make profitability”, we thought. Doing our ‘due diligence’ we began the vetting process and learned that Mt Baker Vapor did indeed have a stellar reputation and had plenty of fans on all the eCigarette forums. But the price? We really have no genuine reason or explanation that would explain why they are able to offer their juice at such discounted prices, but one thing we do know is that Mt Baker Vapor makes high-quality juice. Perhaps it’s nothing more than wanting to offer the vaping public a less expensive product. I’d like to believe that, so I will. e liquid review

The eJuice from Mt Baker Vapor is superb in its consistency and the scope of flavors offered. Some of our staff has already adopted Mt Baker Vapor as one of their permanent eLiquid vendors and plan to reorder time and time again, and at the prices they sell 50ML bottles of eJuice the hit to pocketbook will be much lighter.

Mt Baker Vapor Particulars

Mt Vapor Baker offers more options for the end-user than we’ve ever seen in a while. They have a staff of 9 people trained in making eJuice and filling orders, and we believe this large staff is the reason they are able to offer as many options as they do and still maintain fast delivery times. Frankly, the sheer number of options is pretty astonishing and their ship times are remarkable.

Website – The Mt Baker Vapor website is a neat and orderly site, but it doesn’t appear to the public as an eLiquid website. A first time visitor would not get the impression that Mt Baker Vapor was an eLiquid creator ‘first and foremost’. Instead, the website gives the impression that Mt Baker Vapor is a hardware vendor that happens to make (or rebrand and resell?) eLiquids. e liquid review

Clearly the owners of Mt Baker have their reasons for laying out their website in this fashion, but unlike other eLiquid brands we’ve reviewed here in these pages, their eLiquids take a backseat (on the website). This is unfortunate.

Bottle Sizes – Right now, as we write this, Mt Baker offers a 15ML bottle for $4.99. According to the website the ‘normal’ price is $7.99 for a 15ML bottle, so even without the 10% Spinfuel Discount Coupon (see below), this current sale is an excellent time to stock up, and we mean stock up hard, on some of their excellent juice. (We’ve made some suggestions below for first time customers)

Mt Baker Vapor offers 15ML, 30ML and 50ML bottles. Anytime you can pick up a quality eJuice for $10.39 in a 50ML bottle you should. If you want to pop over right now, before finishing this review, to pick up a few 50ML bottles before they realize the price is extremely LOW, we suggest picking up Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Upside Down, Graham Cracker, Bananas Foster, Coconut, and East Coast Tobacco. So go ahead. We’ll wait right here. You can pick up where you left off. Tick Tock…

Okay, while you wait for Mt Baker to mix each of your bottles (one by one), you can now finish the review; you just may discover some other flavors you’ll want to add to your order. Now where were we? Oh yes!

Nicotine Strengths – 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36mg/ml are available. We can only speak to the 1.8% (18mg/ml), and with a 1.8% nic level delivering a really good throat hit the 24mg/ml and 36mg/ml must be wicked.

Ratio Options – The “House” blend is 80% PG and 20% VG, but you can request 100% PG, 100% VG, 50/50, 20/80 PG/VG and VG at 70%, Distilled Water at 30% (for people with allergies/sensitivities to PG). Our usual mix is 70/30, but we’ve had no issues at all with their House blend of 80/20.

Flavoring Options – We did not ask for extra flavoring for our reviews, but you can. Up to 5X the standard amount of ‘flavor drops’ for just 25 cents per “shot”.

Flavor Choices

The flavor selection was chosen by our team after looking through all the available flavors on the Mt Baker Vapor website. Unlike previous reviews we were instructed by Mt Baker Vapor to choose the flavors instead of having them choose the flavors for us. That worked out wonderfully well and it is something we will consider from here on out. (Although there are 2 other brands in the wings today so that will have to happen afterwards)

In order to get a full representation of their product line we chose the following flavors. (15ML bottles, 80/20 PG/VG ratios with 1.8% nicotine)

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Butterscotch
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Cotton Candy
  • Graham Cracker
  • Vanilla Cup Cake
  • Pina Colada
  • Ankara Tobacco
  • Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco
  • RY4 E Juice
  • Extreme Ice E Juice
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Bananas Foster
  • East Coast Tobacco
  • Pineapple Upside-down Cake

The Team

Conducting the review is Julia Barnes (Lead Writer), Lisa Johnston, Jason Little and newcomer Keira Hartley. The following hardware was used to vape throughout:

Totally Wicked’s Odyssey with the equipped single-coil tank

MyVaporStore’s ZMAX with several cartos, tanks, clearos

MyVaporStore’s Lambo v4 with Texas Tuff Tank and CE4+ (for 510-thread)

Halo Cigs G6 & Element mini-eCigs with Halo branded cartos

Johnson Creek Vea with JC Vea Cartomizers

Each team member received an equal share of each flavor. The vaping period for this review was 48 hours over 5 days. Each team member was responsible for filling their devices using whatever method they deemed suited for the job. Once the vaping had concluded and once the team believed they were ready to sit down and talk we gathered around the table and after plenty of discussion, vaping, pizza and beer we hammered out our thoughts.

The Review

Using our standard 1-5 Star rating system each team member will offer their rating for each flavor along with a synopsis of the notes and discussion that were revealed during the meeting. As lead writer, the responsibility for the ‘pull quotes’ falls to me. While certainly truncated to reserve space, I hope I have been able to properly relay each team member’s thoughts about each flavor. Feel free to leave comments below.


There were some things all of us agreed to when it came to Mt Baker Vapor eLiquids. I thought sharing them with you, here, all at once, rather than repeating ourselves for each flavor, could save some repetition.

Our Ratios – All the members agreed that the 80/20 ratio of PG/VG worked very well for every flavor we sampled. This ratio gave each juice a “great-to-fantastic” throat hit (TH) and helped boost juice flavors. Naturally, we didn’t try other ratios so this is a judgment call.

Flavors – Every eLiquid we sampled offered plenty of ‘flavor’. There were no individual ejuice that we considered weak or underrepresented.

Vapor – Vapor ranged from ‘good-to-great’. None of the eLiquids produced weak vapor, which we all decided was a pleasant surprise. 20% VG can sometimes produce weak vapor depending on what flavorings were used, but this was not the case with Mt Baker Vapor.

Mt Baker Vapor offers two eLiquids that our team thought were indispensable.  If and when you place an order at Mt Baker Vapor we strongly recommend that you include Cinnamon Roll and Pineapple Upside Down.

And Now… The Individual Flavors

Note* Mt Baker Vapor makes no attempt to come up with any fanciful description for their eLiquid flavors, so the review is a bit different than previous ones in order to compensate for the lack of descriptions.

This is the standard “Product Description” found under each eJuice:

Our 100% USA made Nicotine juice comes in a variety of blends and strengths. Please select the options to complete your juice order. The Caramel Apple e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings. All our e liquids come in 15 ml childproof dropper bottles. The Caramel Apple E Juice is freshly mixed when you order so you will never get any old product from us. In order to add the item to your cart you will need to select all of the options. All our e juices ship out within 24 hours of order time. Most of the time sooner.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please send us an email via our contact page. 

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Blackberry – A single flavor juice

Julia:  5 Stars – Finally I am beginning to see more blackberry-flavored vapes on the market. While this one is nothing fancy it is delicious. I can appreciate a single-flavor eJuice when the flavor is like this. The real, rich and clean flavor of blackberry shines through in this pleasant all-day vape. Highly recommend to anyone that likes fruity flavors. Sweet, but not overly sweet.

Jason: 5 Stars – Blackberry has a semi-sweet but deep blackberry flavor, which makes for an excellent and slightly sweet fruit vape. I liked it a lot. MBV Blackberry is a simple, unpretentious, yet satisfying juice. Nice job.

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About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. James

    MBV juice is just okay. Nothing special and not the highest quality juice. Also, MBV does nothing for you if your juice doesn’t arrive. They feel their responsibility ends when they hand it off to the USPS. I’ve had other companies contact USPS and open a case as they feel it’s part of good customer service, but not MBV. It’s not their problem. Call ‘em and ask.

  2. Lee Taylor

    I (stupidly and ignorantly) assumed their quality would be cheap. Not so at all! I have been vaping for about 9 months and have tried more brands and DIY’S than I can count. I got my MVB juices today. As im in australia, shipping of course took a while so 3 weeks steeped (shipping was just the cheapest option and the time it takes is out of the vendors control) so far have only tried strawbana and freckled lemonade……..holy moly! I was not expecting premium top shelf juice but thats exactly what you get from MBV My only regret is getting 15ml bottles and not 30ml. Great company

  3. Jace Goulart

    I love Mt. Baker. Thug Juice, Jungle Juice, and lightning are some of my favorites if you like a menthol vape

  4. Pete Derenski

    I just received my order today. I opened it up and it smelled AWESOME! Well there was a reason for that, my bottle of GWAR Bloodbath cap broke off during shipping. The inside of the package ironically looked like a bloodbath with all that sweet sticky red juice everywhere. Anyway, snapped a couple of pics and sent them in a quick email and several MINUTES later I get an apology and was told they are sending me a new one. Not more then 30 minutes latter I get another email stating my order has been processed and is awaiting pick up for shipment! You can not get that kind of service anywhere! That’s what makes them great! MBV, can’t beat them.

  5. jason w

    Mount Baker vapor he juices are definitely worth the money you spend on them. However, I suggest you A: get at least one flavor shot on all juicesyou buy and, B: youu go to the DIY section and order a small bottle of the sweetener due to the fact that many flavors I have gotten have been on the flat side. That could be because I’m a 4+ year vaper and order Max Vg juice? I also wish that they offered more options for instance 3mg liquids for drippers only folks like myself.

  6. Gretchen

    Ordered from them twice now and I must recommend Thug Juice. It”s a watermelon laffy taffy flavor on the inhale with a strong minty menthol flavor on the exhale that mixes perfectly with the watermelon. Just let it steep for 1-2 weeks and it’s perfect. But order a big bottle because once you start vaping it, it’s hard to put down! Also enjoyed Echto cooler (tastes just like the awesome juice box from my childhood (that one is good to vape as soon as it arrives). And was surprised by Cucumber mint. It’s a juicy cucumber flavor on the inhale with what I equate to a sweet tea flavor with a hint of clean mint on the exhale. It’s really good and good to vape as soon as it arrives. love your review, I actually am glad to find a lower costing e-liquid supplier. Saves money and you get a ton of e-liquid. Only issues I have is 1) you have to wait and steep some flavors (which you want to try out right away) 2) some of the flavors seem to make my cartomizers on my kanger t3-S solar flare last for less than a week (they last 3-4 weeks when I vape my e-liquid from Ivape.) Great place to order from though, I like how they give you a random freebie 15 mL bottle for every $16 you spend, A great way to try out flavors you would never think to ordering but end up liking (that’s how I discovered Cucumber mint).

  7. ericb45696

    good thorough review. as a frequenter of ECF and Reddits Ecig subredits, MBV gets a bad rap sometimes as they are considered ‘sub-par” , maybe just because of the price compared to some “select” juice vendors. I guess you are not an “elite” vapor if you but low cost juice,haha. I love a few flavors from them as well as other vendors and I think they do a great job not only with the juice selection and quality but with customer service as well. sticky bun and cin roll are two of my personal favs. the root beer is not bad as well :)

  8. Stephanie Colella

    Spinfuel has been very helpful in sifting through all the info available on the Internet to a new vaporers such as me. THANKS

  9. Theresa Damron

    I love MBV! I am a monthly customer. I wish I was a weekly customer! If you are reading this… Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

  10. Phyllis P

    Thank you for your recommendations, I p;aced an order today for the Cinnamon Roll E Juice, Pineapple Upsidedown Cake E Juice and Vanilla Tobacco E Juice at 1:40 and a;ready got an e-mail that it was sent out with a tracking number I will let you know what I think of them

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Excellent choices! We love each of those flavors! Personally I was a huge fan of VapeDudes Pineapple upside-down vape, but at $11 for a 50ML bottle from Mt Baker Vapor, which tastes every bit as good as VapeDudes, well, the math was easy. Mt Baker all the way! – Julia

  11. Mustang73064

    After trying close to 100 different juices Extreme ICE from Mt Baker Vapor became my 1st juice for daily use. Extreme ICE is a palette cleanser with a cool refreshing taste that is not overpowering. As a long time smoker and short time vaper Extreme ICE is the 1st menthol type juice that does not taste like Vics Vapor Rub (those of you old enough to remember it). Price, delivery, packing, shipping and customer service can not be beat. And do not forget you can “make your own” juice also. 5 Stars for Mt Baker Vapor.

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Wait! Vicks Vapo Rub is no longer made? Seriously? That stuff was a godsend to me as a child! You are right though, Extreme Ice is a true menthol. I like it, but I’m rarely a part of the review team :-( — John Manzione, editor-in-chief

  12. Billy

    I’m SO glad you guys reviewed Mt. Baker Vapor! They are my all-time favorite juice vendors. I tried their butterscotch and was hooked instantly (it is my all-day vape). I agree with the prices, the sizes of the bottles, and the quality — best deal around, period. From my very first bottle I knew I was dealing with top-notch, professional, and high-quality vendors. And as was stated in the review, their shipping time is AMAZING. It’s YOUR loss if you don’t check these guys out!

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      My wife vapes Mt Baker Vapor “Coconut” everyday, and has for weeks now. I change my flavors and brands a few times each day but I can often be seen vaping Mt Baker’s Cinnamon Roll.

  13. Diane R

    Well based on your review, I’m taking a chance and ordered 8 new juices! The prices are great, that was a factor and you guys gave a rave review. I even ordered blueberry and cinnamon roll. My base juices are from Halo, but I also like to have different flavors to mix in the lineup. I love Vape Dudes Appletini and Blue Honey, but just want to wait two weeks to receive my order. Thanks for you review! We’ll see how it goes! <3

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Diane, its been more than a month, what do you think? I’ve reordered their Cinnamon Roll a few times since this review and my wife has reordered 50ML bottles of their Coconut more than a few times.

  14. candi rockey

    well,if they are as good as you say,I say thankyou to you for the review and thankyou to mt. baker vapor. because i for one need the lower cost ,as im sure a lot of people do and i am very grateful for their price . I did just like you said and ordered half way threw your review and ordered.ha ha.looking for a good vape at a great price. thanks again candi

  15. thehangdude

    Very good and comprehensive review of a favorite ejuice vendor! Well done.

    My favorites so far are two you guys didn’t take to, RY4 and Extreme Ice. As for the RY4, it is maple not prune that is the extra ingredient. This is one that gets much better though steeping. After a couple months, it is a very smooth blend.

    I hope James and crew don’t raise their prices, but force other vendors to lower theirs. So many vendors charge $20 for 30ml, and only have one or two great flavors. Then charge you for priority mail. MtBaker delivers quicker with the First Class option than most vendors with their Priority.

    I might try some of the bakery flavors you reviewed so glowingly. But next on my list is the Cucumber Mint. Doesn’t that sound good?

    1. Diane R

      I almost ordered the Extreme Ice, but changed my mind because I already have Arctic Wolf. Can you tell me what it’s like? I know that Arctic Wolf from Vapor Gods has a warning on it and it *is* extremely “cold”, certainly clears your sinuses. So how’s the Extreme Ice taste and vape? Thanks!

    2. Jan Willman

      I love the cucumber mint mixed with Melon Boba from Good Life Vapor. It is the bomb!!!! I also love adding extra strawberry and a couple drops of cheesecake to MVB’s Moo Juice, or adding extra Blueberry and Cheescake to their Blue Moo. One of my absolute favorite vapes is Cinnamon Red Hots mixed with Blueberry which I call Cinnamon Blue Hots, or if you then add some Banana to that, I call it Janner’s Bluenanner Hots…..LOL. Gotta love Mount Vapor Baker!

      1. Staff

        Thanks for your comment Jan, sounds wonderful! It’s been too long since we’ve done a Mt Baker Vapor review, perhaps its times to do another. I’ll contact them today and see. Thanks for the reminder ;) – Julia


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