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The Plume Room eJuice Review


And now… the Taste Test. The Moment of Truth.

Note* The flavors were chosen at random. By placing a post-it note with the name of the flavor into a box we would pick a flavor and go from there.

Honey Fig Tobacco – The Plume Room (TPR) describes this flavor as “A unique mixture which exhibits the mellow, earthy flavor of Virginia intertwined with rich honey and a discreet top note of fresh fig.” Our Team says…

Julia: 5 Stars – Hit it right out of the park! Before I vaped this I was intrigued by the name; anything with “figs” in the title is going to grab my attention.

Adding honey and tobacco in the name, well, I wanted to like this flavor from the get-go. Andrea described the flavor accurately, a mellow, earthy blend with the sweetness of honey and the hint of fig. Real fig taste I might add. Very interesting, and very delicious. A definite winner.

Tom: 5 Stars – As a tobacco enthusiast this flavor had me from the first vape to the last. Brilliantly blended, expertly executed. This will become a regular with me. Original and delicious.

Jason: 4 Stars – It was certainly delicious and I really enjoyed it. However, the one thing that stopped me from awarding that 5th star was the fig flavor. Then again, without it you have a distinct honey tobacco so I think she was correct to add the fig and create an original blend. I will continue to vape this flavor because it is delicious, but I can’t add it to my regular rotation.

Lisa: 5 Stars – I love this job for precisely this reason; this is such an original flavor and you can’t ignore it. Everything was perfectly blended in just the right amounts. A showstopper, an award winner, one of the best.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – Very original, yes, and quite good. It could have been a little sweeter though. I got the tobacco and the fig flavors immediately, though I was expecting something sweeter than I got. I like it, a lot, but it did not hit it out of the park for me.

SpinfuelChoiceAward2013SM-TransThe Plume Room Marlboro Blend: TPR describes this as; “A cigarette type e liquid with natural tobacco extract crafted in the spirit of Marlboro. Specifically developed for new vapers seeking high throat hit and flavor.” To which our team says;

Julia: 5 Stars (with a caveat) – This is a first for me. Up until the first moment I vaped this flavor I did not believe it was possible, truly possible, to create an eJuice that precisely duplicates the flavor and feel of a real cigarette.

Most brands I’ve tried that create tobacco flavors go for a richer cigarette or pipe, or even a cigar tobacco flavor, a true cigarette flavor has eluded me. Until now. TPR’s Marlboro blend is the closest you will get to a real cigarette, period.

Of the more than 300 flavors I’ve tried this year, this one doesn’t come close to duplicating a cigarette flavor, it actually duplicates it.

I’ll end it with this; if you ever get a craving for a real cigarette, pour a couple of milliliters of this blend into your tank and vape it for a while. The cravings will disappear. Not my favorite flavor of the bunch, but the most astounding flavor for sure.

Tom: 5 Stars (and then some) – This is the flavor I have been searching for since I switched to eCigarettes. I was shocked. Others have come close but no one has ever nailed it. The Plume Room nailed it. This is a cigarette in liquid form. I added it to my rotation immediately. If Andrea ever stops making this blend I’m going to be very upset.

Jason: 5  – Stars Holy S**t, how’d she do that? Unlike Tom, I got off cigarettes and never looked back. I like the flavors of eJuice, not cigarettes. So awarding these 5 stars is based on The Plume Room having perfected the cigarette flavor. But I won’t vape this again because it’s TOO close to a cigarette.

Lisa: 5 stars (execution) 2 Stars (personal choice) – This Marlboro blend is good for one thing, getting someone off cigarettes. Someone who became really addicted to cigarettes and wants to relive that flavor everyday without going back to dangerous tobacco cigarettes would find salvation with this blend.

I agree that this is the closest to a real cigarette that any flavor I’ve ever tried has attained, but I have to ask; why would you want to vape this if you’ve been off cigarettes for a while? I didn’t like the taste of Marlboro blend, or the way it made me feel. I felt like a smoker. This flavor is a 5-star flavor simply because it was executed beautifully, and just because I don’t want to vape a flavor that duplicates Marlboro doesn’t mean it isn’t a great eJuice. It is.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – How did The Plume Room do this when so many others have failed? There are some big companies out there trying to replicate the cigarette taste and come pretty close, but they can’t get all the way there. Andrea got there. How? I have no idea, but she did. I loved this, added it to my rotation, and yet feel guilty about it. This friends, is a cigarette.


Spinfuel Choice AwardThe Plume Room Sweet Peach: The Plume Room describes Sweet Peach as “There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy, fragrant, sun-ripened peach. This is a delightful peach flavor: sweet & tangy without being overly fragrant. (Even if you do not normally vape fruit, you may love this!)” To which our team replies;

Julia: 5 Stars – If I had to pick one flavor out of the 10 that we reviewed this would be my #1 choice. Sweet, real peaches come through this vape more than any other peach flavor I’ve ever tried. Sweet Peach is delicious, just sweet enough and full of flavor. I loved this, and I have already added it to my daily rotation. Peach doesn’t get better than this.

Tom: 5 Stars – Sweet Peach is a delicious flavor and I enjoyed the heck out of it. This is a very real, very good peach flavor, and surprisingly accurate to the fruit. This company can make juice. Having said that, will this be in my rotation? Probably not. But only because I’m not a huge fan of fruity flavors. But I cannot deny that Sweet Peach is one amazing vape.

Jason: 5 Stars – Oh Tom, come on, you know you loved it. How could you not? This is one of the best tasting flavors of the bunch. A perfect sweetness aligned with a perfect peach flavor, this is a homerun in every sense of the word. Remarkable.

Lisa: 5 Stars – What a great tasting peach blend! I loved it. Not overly sweet, it’s just right. Peach flavor is true and accurate. One of the top flavors by The Plume Room (of the 10 we reviewed). Now I really want to review the rest of her line.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Seriously, how good is this? I was knocked out by how delicious Sweet Peach is. The Plume Room does an excellent job on all their flavors, but this one was special to me. I vaped this flavor the longest, I couldn’t get enough. Brilliantly blended with just the right amount of sweet and the right amount of peach. Wonderful!

Artic Cowboy – The Plume Room says; “Medium bodied tobacco with a touch of vanilla & cool mint. Mildly sweet with a full tobacco flavor and great throat hit.“ Our team replied:

Julia: 4 Stars – While I was loading up a tank with Artic Cowboy I was expecting a dark tobacco flavored that had been infused with menthol. It turned out to be more complex than that. I’m not a huge menthol Vaper, but Artic Cowboy is pretty damn good.  A very earthy tobacco flavor with hints of fine vanilla, and instead of that menthol kick you are greeted instead by a mint flavor. Milder than menthol, the mint adds a touch of sweetness and a cool inhale. Much better than I expected.

Tom: 5 Stars – As a cool menthol vape Artic Cowboy was awesome. The tobacco flavor wasn’t the same as their Turkish or Marlboro; it was richer, mellower. Perhaps that was the vanilla blending with the tobacco, but whatever it was it was good. I’m not crazy about menthol but Artic Cowboy is going to change that. I decided to add this to my rotation, especially on hot days. Great job!

Jason: 4 Stars – Not a homerun, but close. I loved their idea of menthol, more mint than menthol so it more flavorful. Sweeter too. The tobacco and vanilla were nearly perfect as well. This was just sweet enough to make it a great vape.

Lisa: 4 Stars – Yes, I agree this was more minty than menthol, but still, it was “too cool” for me.  The Newport blend was better. As a vanilla tobacco vape it was pretty good. I liked it, enjoyed it, but it won’t go into my rotation simply because it’s a menthol-like blend. People that love ‘menthol’ vapes will adore Artic Cowboy by TPR.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – Man, I loved this Artic Cowboy. They could have easily ruined this blend with more mint but they held back perfectly. Each flavor was blended nicely, producing a great cool vape.  I intend on trying this again, it could go to a 5 star. Artic Cowboy is a good excuse to get into cooler vapes.

Spinfuel Choice AwardThe Plume Room Newport Blend: The Plume Room offers this; “A cigarette type e liquid with natural tobacco extract crafted in the spirit of Newport. Specifically developed for new vapers seeking high throat hit and flavor.” Our team replied with this;

Julia: 5 Stars (with a caveat) – Normally I don’t vape menthol flavors a lot, so right away I approached this as though I wasn’t going to like it. However, it turned out to be a very nice bookend to the Marlboro blend, a real menthol cigarette flavor. It gets the 5 stars for coming so close to a menthol cigarette that most smokers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Tom: 5 Stars – I think The Plume Room took the Marlboro blend and gave it a shot of a very good quality ‘menthol’. It tastes much like a cigarette, almost as much as the Marlboro blend does, only infused with high quality menthol. Not too much, and certainly not overpowering. If I vaped menthol eCigs I’d add this to my rotation in an instant. I still might.

Jason: 5 Stars – I have a friend that still smokes cigarettes. She smokes Newport, always has. So, I let her try this since The Plume Room admits going for the Newport flavor. My friend was blown away! She told me that this WAS a Newport in disguise. Me? I thought it was excellent menthol. My friend plans to switch to eCigs now, because of this flavor.

Lisa: 5 Stars – The Plume Room had to do this flavor. They have a perfect cigarette flavor with their Marlboro blend so why not blend in the right amount of menthol and go for the Newport smoker. And they succeeded. Between Artic Cowboy and Newport Blend I am rethinking the whole menthol thing. I might actually add one of these to my rotation. Which one, I don’t know…yet.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Because of Julia’s rating scale I have no choice but to award 45 stars to this flavor. I liked it enough, that’s for sure, despite the menthol flavor. Like Lisa it makes me want to rethink the menthol thing myself. I liked this because it had less ‘sweet menthol’ than most, but with a nice tobacco flavor. Not quite as dry as Marlboro blend, but close. Really good!

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    • If you are looking for a “real” cigarette taste and “feel”, the plume room’s Marlboro is the best I’ve had to date. Every time I load up a carto and vape it I am amazed that the vapor and flavor are coming from a juice, not a marlboro ciggie. – Julia

  1. Thanks for the quote y’all. I’ve been hyping TPR to every vaper I know and for good reason: the flavors, vapor, service and delivery can’t be beat. Glad to see someone else taking notice. :-)


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