The Plume Room eJuice Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – The Plume Room

Lead Writer: Julia Barnes, along with Tom McBride, Jason Little, Lisa Johnston, Chelsey Laney


The very first thing you notice about The Plume Room is the packaging. Talk about impressive! I’m not talking about the USPS Priority Mail box that most packages arrive in these days, but instead the one you are presented with inside the USPS box, the glossy black box about 8” square. The Plume Room box is a thick, well-constructed container with a ‘fold’ in the lid that reveals the glass cobalt blue bottles holding the various flavors of eJuice, with black labels for a gorgeous white font spelling out the contents of the eJuice inside each bottle. Like fancy products sold in such stores like Saks 5th Ave, Bloomingdales, and even Neiman Marcus, these bottles have a black “tag” tied around the top of the bottle, under the screw-on cap. Taken together it is the best physical presentation for eJuice that any of us had ever seen. The Plume Room made its impression on us and we hadn’t even opened a single bottle of juice yet. First impressions, you got to hand it to them, they know how to make one.

But packaging is only part of an eJuice review. Some of the most delicious eJuice we’ve tried came in plastic bottles with typewriter-like print on inexpensive lick-on labels. We’ve even reviewed eJuice that arrived in amber bottles with the names of the eJuice written across a masking tape label with a black marker. The juice instead was awesome. You can’t tell how delicious, or unappetizing an eJuice will be simply by looking at the bottle.

Having said that, beautiful packaging is a great start to the process and The Plume Room bottles, as it turns out, will be deservedly displayed on our shelves. Personally, I hope that as the industry grows more and more eJuice companies will pay more attention to the presentation and follow The Plume Room’s example.

The Hardware: My team has the option to use hardware they already own and use for their leisure time vaping, or the vaping hardware from the stockroom. For this review the following hardware and accessories were chosen:

  1. The Totally Wicked eGo-C Twist w/CE4 Clearomizers
  2. The Apollo VTube (Red) w/3ML Texas Tuff Tanks
  3. The Totally WickedOdyssey” (single coil carto version)
  4. The ProVape ProVari Mini w/6ML Tank – Premium eCigs
  5. Johnson Creek Vea w/Vea Rev-1 Cartomizers

As you can see, the team is leaning more and more on tanks and variable voltage hardware and getting away from mini-batteries. While the mini-eCigs are still viable products for public vaping they just can’t compare to the larger battery systems in the flavor and vapor departments. I choose the Johnson Creek Vea and took the last 11 cartomizers from the stock room.

Review Preparation: As always, the team was given their share of eJuice, divided equally, and for a period of 72 consecutive hours exclusively vaped The Plume Room eJuice.

Two days after the 72-hour period of review we met to discuss what we ‘experienced’ with the eJuice. The quotes from the team members are sometimes truncated for length. Since these reviews always seem to run more than 4000 words we try to distill the most pertinent thoughts from each team member.

Because you will read the truncated remarks by a team of five, for 10 flavors of ejuice, it might be a good idea to read half the review now and save have for later. These reviews are written to be a guide to choosing flavors, so feel free to use it as a reference tool when you order from The Plume Room. Finding the team member with whom you have similar ‘tastes’ may give you an advantage when it comes to making the right choice. If you’ve never ordered from The Plume Room before, this review/guide will give you the insights you may need.

A Word About Taste Testing: We receive a lot of email (but very few comments. Come on folks, leave more comments for other readers to peruse, it would aid the entire vaping community if you add your two cents) about the language we sometimes use to describe a flavor.

Let me take a minute to explain why you will sometimes read harsh, or strongly worded language; the comments from the team members are taken from ‘discussions’ we have, while the team members bring reams of notes with them, the lead writer captures their actual spoken comments. Sometimes these comments are critically harsh or overly positive, but they do capture the true, honest, expression of the team member.

Every company that submits their eJuice for review understands, going in, that their eJuice will be given an honest review and if someone on the team strongly dislikes the eJuice we’re going to print it. The same goes if they are very enthusiastic about it. We’ve yet to receive any critical email or phone calls from any ejuice company we’ve reviewed. This aspect of our reviews cannot change. But, you are MORE than welcome to leave your own thoughts below in the comments section, especially if you have experience with the eJuice under review, or if you disagree with any of the team members. The more voices the better.

The Plume Room eJuice Flavors: When we decide to review an eJuice brand we allow the company to decide which flavors we will review. We do make it known to them that our least liked flavors include “menthol”; so we ask that they limit it to 1 or 2. Nicotine strength is in the medium range, and the PG/VG mix is left up to the company, we tell them to submit their mixes, as they believe is best represented.

The Flavors: Below is the list of flavors we are reviewing for The Plume Room:

  • Marlboro Type Custom Blend – 12MG
  • Summer Peach 50/50 – 12MG
  • Newport Type Custom Blend – 12MG
  • Peanut Butter Crème Pie – 12MG
  • Creamy Chai – 12MG
  • Artic Cowboy – 12MG
  • Magic Melon Medley 50/50 – 12MG
  • Toasted Turkish Twist – 12MG
  • Honey Fig Tobacco – 12MG
  • Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino – 12MG

The Rating Scale: The rating scale can change depending on the lead writer. This is very important to know going in. By changing the lead writer on our reviews we can obtain slightly different perspectives, which we think leads to ultimately better reviews over the long term. The rating scale for this review is as follows:

5 StarsAmazingly delicious. A flavor I would add to my regular vaping rotation immediately. A great vape, very special. Hit it out of the park!

4 StarsA delicious flavor. I enjoyed it immensely. I could add this flavor to my rotation. I truly enjoyed it, but it didn’t quite hit it out the park.

3 StarsAn okay flavor, but a bit common. I enjoyed it, but not enough to write room about it.

2 StarsNot very interesting. While not horrible, it wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I would not add this to my regular rotation.

1 StarJust not good at all. Not much to like about it. Would not vape this flavor again, nor recommend it to anyone.

0 StarsSimply put, I hated it.

Availability and Pricing: – You can order bottles of eJuice in 5ML, 15ML, and 30ML sizes. We think the 5ML is really too small, but at $3.99 it is priced right as a sampler. Still, unless you really just want to sample them you would be much better off going for the 15ML size at just $6.99, a great price! Once you know you like it enough to want to add it to your collection the 30ML size is the most economical.

Nicotine – The eJuice is available in 0MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG and 24MG nicotine strengths. Many of the flavors reviewed below are so good we could definitely see ourselves ordering 0MG nicotine just to be able to vape all day long without having to worry about nicotine overconsumption.

The Plume Room Hardware: Although we do not have one to review, The Plume Room offers some great products that they are so confident in that they have branded them with The Plume Room name and logo. TPR is currently upgrading all their kits so there isn’t much available right now, but in the next couple of weeks to a month they will be offerings some excellent hardware at excellent prices.

The Plume Room Signature: It seems that every eJuice brand have an underlying signature flavor. Some of us call it their “base” flavor on which other flavors are created. Perhaps the mixer came up with a good tobacco blend and built out from there. This is known as the “Signature” for that particular brand.

The Plume Room has no such signature. Each flavor stands on it’s own. From flavor to flavor, each was distinct and original. To the team this meant that The Plume Room brand did not “build out” from a single base flavor and instead created each one as an “original”. We can’t say for sure, but that’s how it seemed to us. This is a huge positive.

Throat Hit and Vapor: As the lead writer I place less importance on the throat hit than many others who have reviewed eJuice for Spinfuel as the lead writer.

Having said that, each of the flavors reviewed produced a light to medium throat hit, none of them produced a hard throat hit (except for Artic Cowboy, which was huge). There are many factors at play for getting a throat hit, from the nicotine strength to the method of vaping, to the hardware you use and the mix of PG/VG. To me, it’s just not that big a deal.

Vapor, on the other hand, is a huge deal. The entire team reported good vapor production on all the flavors, and I agree. Naturally it varied, and it seems as though the PG/VG mix for the particular flavors were the main factor.

Vapor production can be hindered or helped based on the same factors that affect throat hits. If vapor is important to you, rest easy. The Plume Room eJuice produces really good vapor. (After the review was over I loaded up a Halo eCigs LR, low resistance, cartomizer with Sweet Peach and was blown away by the warmth of the vape and the incredible amount of vapor.)

And now… the Taste Test. The Moment of Truth.

Note* The flavors were chosen at random. By placing a post-it note with the name of the flavor into a box we would pick a flavor and go from there.

Honey Fig Tobacco – The Plume Room (TPR) describes this flavor as “A unique mixture which exhibits the mellow, earthy flavor of Virginia intertwined with rich honey and a discreet top note of fresh fig.” Our Team says…

Julia: 5 Stars – Hit it right out of the park! Before I vaped this I was intrigued by the name; anything with “figs” in the title is going to grab my attention.

Adding honey and tobacco in the name, well, I wanted to like this flavor from the get-go. Andrea described the flavor accurately, a mellow, earthy blend with the sweetness of honey and the hint of fig. Real fig taste I might add. Very interesting, and very delicious. A definite winner.

Tom: 5 Stars – As a tobacco enthusiast this flavor had me from the first vape to the last. Brilliantly blended, expertly executed. This will become a regular with me. Original and delicious.

Ratings At A Glance