Smokenjoey presents AeroTank by KangerTech

Aerotank By Kanger Reviewed

Hey folks,

Smokenjoey here with a right-before-christmas video review for the brand new KangerTech Aero Tank. Spinfuel’s written review is a perfect companion piece to my video review, so here’s a paragraph from John Castle’s review. Sit back, relax, and see the Aero Tank in action.

The Kanger Aero Tank is substantial in size. It’s going to look a little dopey on a little eGo Mini battery. It looks best on APVs and mechanicals, in my opinion, although if you want to use it on an eGo and use the beauty ring that comes with it, it’s not going to look bad, just not quite right. Bear in mind that that’s my personal opinion on aesthetics; your mileage may vary.

The Kanger Aero Tank isn’t inexpensive. It’s not exactly going to break the bank, but it isn’t a cheap little EVOD, either. This Aero Tank was provided to us from 777 eCigs, and although pricing hasn’t been set yet from 777, you can expect to pay about the same for the Aero Tank as you would for other Kanger to-of-line clearomizers, though the performance is well worth it.

Merry Christmas!