SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 Review

SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 Review

The Kayfun 3.1 Rebuildable Atomizer Review – It has been a while since I sat down to write about a rebuildable atomizer. I’ve certainly continued to them, but to be honest, not nearly as much as I used to. Taking the time to clean, wrap, test, and all the other little things that you must do when you use RBA’s you need to have time to dedicate yourself to doing it right. I just haven’t had the time lately. A couple of weeks ago Julia asked me to take a look at the legendary Kayfun 3.1 RBA and write a review, if I had the time. So, when it arrived all I could say was “Now THAT I’ll make time for”.  So I did, and below is that review. I hope you enjoy it. – Tom McBride

The Kayfun 3.1, made by the German company, Svoemesto, is one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced, RBA I’ve ever used. It is also one of the easiest and hardest to use, which I did not expect. Being a silica and wire based atomizer I found it to be easier to work with than other types I’ve used, but the little things like covering air holes, negative air pressure, and more, made it somewhat tedious and a bit more difficult than I expected. Its cone design allows for amazing and true flavors, and a vapor producer of almost biblical proportions (Well, you know what I mean.) But this is not a run-of-the-mill RBA, not by a long shot. Though I will say that the use of long-ish silica wicks is appealing.

The Kayfun 3.1 model comes in three finishes, all available through VapeRev; brushed, polished, and matte. They sell for $175, a bit more than the Zed Atty I got several months ago from ProVape, but nonetheless, for Vapers that are heavily into these kinds of atomizers it is money well spent. For Vapers content to use relatively simple Pyrex tanks, V-Fate Nova’s, Victory Visions and the like, a Kayfun is a bit overkill. This level of vaping is reserved for Vapers looking at the most minute changes in flavor and vapor, and only the most advanced Vapers should even consider the Kayfun 3.1, or any of the $125+ RBAs.

SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 Available at VapeRev

The Kayfun 3.1 is very popular with German enthusiasts. They are actually produced in a machine shop in Germany and such precision that tolerance is word you don’t even use when talking about how the pieces fit together. They all (all the Kayfuns) work in very much the same way; they have two very small channels that lead the eLiquid from the outer tank to the inner vapor ‘chamber’. There are these two little areas inside the chamber that hold a just a few drops of eJuice. The silica and wire wick reaches into those areas and lifts the liquid to the coils. All this leads to a massive amount of flavor and vapor; so much so that it really drives home the idea that vaping at the consumer level, with carto-tanks and short-wick atty heads of the EVOD, ProTank, and so on, is vastly inferior than vaping something at this level, but… using a car analogy, the difference is akin to driving a nice Cadillac or driving a Rolls Royce, both are pretty darn nice, and both get you to where you want to go, but the Rolls provides just enough of that something ‘more’ that riding in one makes you think less of the Cadillac when most people would love the Caddy.

Filling The Kayfun 3.1

I found that filling the Kayfun 3.1 is a bit complicated, despite the fact that the video at the bottom of the review seems to indicate otherwise. If the tank is filled but not sealed the juice will flood into the inner chamber, flooding the coils and leak through the side air hole. So it needs to be closed securely and airtight when you vape so you can build up the negative air pressure. In addition, it’s a good idea to leave about 10-15% of space in the tank for air. While doing this all I could think of is how I’ve been getting along just fine with unscrewing the top of a clearomizer and dripping in 2.5ml of juice and just vape. This is something altogether different.

Only fill from the top of the tank!” I kept hearing. This was a warning from a friend that loves the Kayfun RBA’s, and he must of told me this a dozen times before I went off to review it.

My friend; “Unscrew the top and make sure you cover the air hole. If you don’t it will release the air pressure out comes all the eLiquid you put in it. Holding the air hole with the top of your tank off, fill down the side of the tank and continue filling until the eLiquid is just about over the threads on the atomizer. You need to leave a little gap to prevent pressure build-up. Screw the top cap on only slightly and then flip it upside down. Hold that position for a few seconds and then finish threading until the top cap is fully screwed on. Don’t worry Tom; it took me a few tries to do this without losing the air pressure and losing a ton of eJuice. But for those of us with a lot of experience with this level of Rebuildables it doesn’t take a long time to get the hang of it.

I did get the hang of it, after losing the air pressure a few times, but I have to admit there is a method to the madness.


The Kayfun has an option to stack tanks as well. The standard kit includes two tanks, one stainless steel and one tempered makrolon. It will hold a massive amount of eLiquid. Using only one of the tanks will allow you about 4 to 6 mils usually more than enough for several hours of vaping. It also comes with spare O-Rings and drip tip adapter so you can use your own drip tips. (From VapeRev)

Real World and Buying Advice

This short review covers about all you need to know about the Kayfun 3.1 if you vape at this sophisticated level. Most people don’t. Besides being one of the most accurate atomizers when it comes to eLiquid ‘taste’, and a massive vapor producer, it isn’t something that all Vapers should even consider. All RBA’s at the level are somewhat difficult to use, and even more difficult to master.

I loved the weight, the feel, and the silica/wire method of building a coil, and it performs like a dream with a coil outputting at 1.9ohms. Having said that, even for me this is not an atomizer I would find myself using all the time. The mere fact that owning a Kayfun 3.1 requires you to clean the condenser cup once a week, that allowing your isolator to melt means replacing the entire isolator, and a finger slipping off an air hole means losing all the eJuice in the tank means this is “hard core” vaping, this is something that takes an investment in time as well as money. Now, if I had someone to do all this for me then it would be the “only” thing I would use, and I pretty sure you would too.

The price, $175, doesn’t bother me. Any type of RBA at this magnitude is going to sit at this price point so that’s fine. The materials, the craftsmanship, and even the physics behind the Kayfun 3.1 are all magnificent. This is the Master of rebuildables, which means that the appeal is limited to the hard-core crowd. If you are a hardcore Vaper looking for a challenge, or a new, up and coming Vaper who wants the best that money can buy, the Kayfun 3.1 is certainly something you will want to consider. For myself, the Kayfun finally made me understand that when it comes to high-end vape gear, it goes higher than I ever imagined… and I’m no longer seeking anything at this level. The Kayfun 3.1 lives…well… in a different zip code than I do.

If any hard-core Vapers have used this Kayfun 3.1 I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below. Was this too much RBA for me?

By the way, watch this amazing video of building a coil, this makes it look so easy.
Tom McBride

The Kayfun 3.1


  • Airflow control, air hole, and fill hole on side
  • Clear window option
  • Screw on and universal drip tip options
  • Juice collector base

Additional Options-

  • Full clear tank
  • Bender – Angles drip tip
  • ProVari collar
  • Extension tube for longer tank
  • Replacement isolators
  • Replacement clear window

About The Author

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  1. Carla Spahos

    Four months ago I began my vape journey after being a smoker of 30 years. I would like to say that if I could rebuild a Kayfun 3.1 and also a Kayfun mini, anyone can do it!

    I didn’t dive head-first into Kayfuns, I worked my way up the vaping ladder by starting with Protanks, Davide Glassomizers, etc. Then started getting into rebuilding with RDA’s (the Igo-L, Scar, that kind of thing). But as well know, dripping isn’t for everyone. But I do love building a good, solid coil.

    After ordering my first Kayfun 3.1 I immediately fell in love with the flavor and the beastly amount of vapor it produced. It produced considerably more vapor than even a well built dripper would for me. I did run into issues with my first few builds. I had the flooding and leaking out of the air hole problem. Then I started to understand that they really do mean it when they tell you to cover the air hole if you fill from the top! After a few builds and some e-liquid waste, I finally got the hang of it and haven’t had a leak in a dozen builds since then.

    Now I’m happily involved with 2 Kayfun 3.1’s and a Kayfun Mini. I want to assure those who might be intimidated by the build that if you can build a coil for a dripper, you can do this. And if a 44 year old stay-at-home mom can build coils, anyone can.

  2. Kataphraktos

    Also, get a Luer Lock syringe and a Luer Lock plastic tapered needle in 18 gauge (the green ones, they are color coded for gauge) – you can buy a bagful of the latter for a few bucks. This is what you need to use the 3.1 fill port.

  3. Kataphraktos

    Actually, it’s the Kayfun Lite you want to try, not the Mini. The Mini (or 2.1) is a smaller version of the 3.1, but with the same features. The Lite is the 3.1 with both the side fill hole and adjustable air screw removed. Filling on the Lite is through a screw port in the bottom – much easier.

    I have both, and both are great. Optimally, I’d love a Lite with the adjustable airflow of the 3.1 and the option of a polished finished. You control the tightness of the draw on the Lite by adjusting the height of the coil over the hole through which air comes into the Kayfun – which means if you get it wrong, you have to empty the tank, open and adjust the coil higher or lower.

    With any advanced RBA, practice makes perfect. My first attempts on the 3.1 were horrible – flooding, or dry hits, just terrible. But I watched a couple of videos, built a few more, toying with different lengths and positions of wick ends, and now I get it right every time, and rebuild in a few minutes. I also find that the Kayfun can go quite a while before it needs to be rebuilt, even with the 100% VG juices I vape.

    Once I tried advanced RBAs, I gave away all my starter clearos. There really is a difference. The extra work is worth it, and with a bit of practice, the added effort is minimal.

    1. Staff

      Thanks, you are right of course about the mini and lite versions. You also seem to know a whole lot more about truly advanced RBA’s than I do. Have you ever considered becoming a guest writer at Spinfuel? My duties around here prevent me from getting much deeper into rebuildables while you seem to be able to handle the most advanced systems with ease. Contact us if you’re interested, there is much you can offer our audience that I just haven’t gotten to yet. – Tom

  4. Ken

    Good review, u need to fill this atty thru the fill hole. Which requires a PLATIC tip fill bottle. I have done it that way and NEVER had leaking. The new Lite version allows u to fill it thru a screw hole at the bottom of the device…no longer needing a plastic tipped fill bottle.


    1. Staff

      Thanks Ken! I’m going to try that, through the side, I was warned about it from a friend so I didn’t bother. It would make things easier for me, looking back. I’m definitely going to try the mini, been hearing all kinds of good stuff about it. – Tom


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