The Vape Dudes e Juice Review

The Vape Dudes e Juice Review


vaping with julia and the spinfuel choice awardsUPDATE: Janaury 14th, 2013 – Today Vape Dudes e Juice has earned 9 Spinfuel Choice Awards for their Excellence in eLiquid Artistry. With more than 200 total flavors, Spinfuel only began to scratch the surface in a review of their product line. We are hoping to bring you further reviews of the various flavors in 2013. For more information about the Spinfuel Choice Awards, click here.

Vape Dudes e Juice Review – July 27, 2012

Of all the brands of American Made eJuice that we have been reviewing for our “July is eJuice Month” celebration (a now yearly event!Vape Dudes offers more flavors than any of them, including a “flavorless” eJuice. (Up to 200 today) Now, normally that could very well stand as one heck of an accomplishment in and of itself but when you hear that each bottle of eJuice sold by Vape Dudes is made by hand, never in batches, well, it becomes the stuff of legends. “How in the world do they do it?” As it turns out, they do it very well indeed.

Vape Dudes is a young company owned and operated by Chris Snuffer and Jennifer Zeares. Only a couple of years old Vape Dudes has managed to grow at an amazing speed. With sales as far away as Australia and Hungary, as well as online sales and multiple resellers in Texas and the Midwest, Vape Dudes continues this fast pace without any signs of slowing down.

Does this incredible growth rate affect the quality of the eJuice? Certainly not. In fact, our experience with Vape Dudes suggests that their ability to maintain consistency and quality has never been better. This review was not the first time we had sampled Vape Dudes eJuice, so we had a preconceived idea of what qualities to expect and they did not disappoint. Several of Vape Dudes flavors were still in rotation among some of our team members and as such, they were familiar with some of the flavors submitted for review.

Vape Dudes offers their eLiquid in a variety of blends, from 100% PG to 100% VG and just about every combination in between. Nicotine levels (including zero) are 6, 11, 16, and 24MG. You have the option of adding a touch of “extra flavor”, which we think is a great idea for those heavily into certain flavors. (John, for instance, is crazy about coconut and banana and would probably opt for extra flavoring in blends that included one or the other).

We should also note that Vape Dudes uses a “Point System” that allows their customers to earn points for purchases. These points can be used to get free stuff. What’s really nice about this is that is with their pricing structure you’re not paying any extra to make up for the point system, so this is a real, honest way to earn free stuff.

Pricing: Pricing is excellent for an American Made juice; Vape Dudes offers a 10ML size for $6.49 and a 30ML size for $17.49.

For this review we are sampling a total of 21 flavors. The team consisted of John Manzione, lead writer this time out, along with Tom McBride, Jason Little, Chelsey Laney, and Lisa Johnston.

The hardware used in this review were the ProVape ProVari, Vapor King Storm 2.0, NicStick’s eGo-T, Johnson Creek VEA makes a return visit, and Halo G6 and Element batteries. 510 and KR808 Cartomizers, Cartridges, and Vape Dudes own Texas Tuff Tanks, along with DCT’s from Totally Wicked and Apollo eCigs.

Point System: We rated our experience as follows: (Keep in mind that our scores on based on what we think of the flavor, and if it is accurately described. However, our taste buds weigh heavier on the score than an accurate description)

  • 5 Stars – It doesn’t get any better. I LOVE it.
  • 4 Stars – Good stuff. Would vape again.
  • 3 Stars – Average quality, okay taste.
  • 2 Stars – Not horrible, but not very good.
  • 1 Star  – I think I’d rather smoke an analog.
  • 0 Stars – Someone call Poison Control!

Time: The team spent 72 consecutive hours with Vape Dudes eLiquid.

Initial Impressions: (Characteristics) – Vape Dudes eJuice is very clean, clear, and fresh. No aftertaste and no “base” taste that plagues many prefilled branded eCigs. All flavors produced top-notch vapor (all blends were 50%PG/50%VG at 24MG) and the throat hits were all splendid.  Some flavors stuck out more than others (see below) but on the whole, each flavor was accurately described by Vape Dudes and enjoyed by the entire team. Some scored higher than others, but this was based on specific likes and dislikes of the team. The vast majority scored extremely well, and each member of the team had their favorites. Vape Dudes is highly recommended.

Review Process: Once the 72 hours expired all notes were handed into the lead writer, where they were read and collated. The 3-hour meeting is captured below in truncated, narrative excerpts.

The flavors listed below are in no certain order… we just picked them randomly, out of a hat (well, a box really).

And So It Begins…

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Cinnamon Roll (Award Winners) 50/50 – Vape Dudes described this as, well, a Cinnamon Roll. Did the Team agree?

John: 5 Stars – I used to have a problem with Cinnabon, in that whenever I passed one I stopped and fed the craving. That’s why I topped out at 265 pounds and had to move to Florida for my health (I’m much better now thanks). So, I said a little prayer before trying this one.  The last thing I needed was to get hooked again. I mean they do have 2 of have them in town. I gave this flavor a 5 star rating because it really delivers the flavor of a cinnamon roll. Scary but delicious.

Tom: 5 Stars – You know me and sweet vapes; I didn’t rate this one as high as I could have. Still, they nailed the flavor of a real cinnamon roll. Too sweet for me to make this a regular.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I could vape this every night after dinner and every late-night snack. A great desert vape; tasted the cinnamon roll every time. Delicious!

Lisa: 3 Stars – While I thought they did a great job delivering the taste of a real cinnamon roll I didn’t really like it. But, to be fair, I don’t eat cinnamon anything, so there’s that.

Jason: 5 Stars – A cinnamon vape! I really liked it a lot, but it’s not an everyday vape so I can’t give it my maximum rating. Accurate taste though!

Mocha Java Drizzle 50/50 – Vape Dudes doesn’t go overboard with their descriptions of the flavors they offer. “Chocolate Caramel Coffee” – And the Team said!

John: 4 Stars – While I think this is a good flavor I’m not in love with it. I could taste the coffee and the chocolate, but not so much the caramel.

Tom: 4 Stars – I agree. It lacks something, the caramel I think. Once again a little too sweet for me.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – This is one people have to try! I loved it. Just the right amount of chocolate, caramel and coffee in this marvelous blend. Gimme more!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Some coffee blends just hit home, and this is one of them. I tasted more caramel than chocolate, go figure.

Jason: 5 Stars – Sometimes a flavor can get confusing, and sometimes they hit it on the head. Vape Dudes hit this one on the head, a perfect combination. Pleasantly surprised.

Ice Ice 50/50 - Clean menthol. Someone should offer to write poetic descriptions for these flavors. Vape Dudes doesn’t offer much here other than letting us know it’s a cool vape. The team said:

John: 3.5 Stars – Not crazy about menthol, and this is a very cool menthol. Too cool for me.

Tom: 3 Stars – No, this one had way too much menthol for me. No tobacco menthol, just menthol. But at least it wasn’t syrupy.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – A very cool, very clean, smooth on the draw menthol. I loved it.

Lisa: 4 Stars – A good, clean, smooth menthol flavor. I expected it to be somewhat harsh. It wasn’t.

Jason: 3 Stars – Too cool for me. But ya know what? People that love these cool menthol flavors are going to love this one.

Shades of Grey 50/50 – This is an “earl grey” flavor, light and definitely not sweet. What did the team think?

John: 5 Stars – Hit it out of the park! Never did I think a tea-flavored vape would be any good. This was awesome in so many ways.

Tom: 5 Stars – Incredible, and right up my alley. Although I am a tobacco guy, this tea flavor was beautiful. Earl Grey? Indeed.

Chelsey: 3.5 Stars – For every reason you guys loved it, non-sweet, tea flavored, dry, this isn’t it for me. I didn’t like it.

Lisa: 4 Stars – Tea flavored vapes must be new because this is the first one I’ve seen. I liked it. Would I by it? Maybe once. For people looking for something different, try this one!

Jason: 3 Stars – I definitely tasted the tea, which is why I didn’t care for it. This is one of those flavors that will appeal to a certain type, not everyone.

(Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Award Winner)Key Lime Pie – A Key Lime Pie flavor. The team was not split on this one.

John: 5 Stars – Lime! I loved it before and I loved it here. Lime is a great flavor to vape. Key Lime Pie in every drag.

Tom: 5 Stars – Lime is a good flavor, and it’s not too sweet. I loved this one. There is something about lime that makes a semi-sweet, semi-tart vape that’s just right.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I just had a slice of Key Lime Pie a couple of weeks ago and I adored it. This has the exact same taste. Vaped very true to the flavor too!

Lisa: 5 Stars – I think we all agree about Lime being a nice flavor for vaping. I enjoyed Key Lime Pie a lot. This will go into my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars – Key Lime Pie was my last flavor to vape because I wanted to save any fruity ones for last. As it turned out it was also one of my favorites. These guys know what they are doing, and they do it well.

RB Float 50/50 – (Naturals Line) 100% Natural Flavoring (made in the USA) – 100% Kosher, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin (made in the USA) – 100% Kosher, USP Grade Propylene Glycol (made in the USA). Nicotine sourced from tobacco leaves hand picked in California (Made in the USA). Root Beer Float. Well Team?

John: 4 Stars – Root Beer is a good flavor to vape, when it’s smooth, rich, and doesn’t feel harsh on the throat. This is a flavor that can cause you to experience heartburn or indigestion. Seriously. Thankfully Vape Dudes has made a really smooth RB Float. I liked it and it didn’t cause any discomfort.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Sweet, a little too sweet. I agree with John, some flavors, RB among them, can give you heartburn. That sucks! This one did not so I’m happy about that. For me it was too sweet.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – Yes, it is sweet but it’s not too sweet for me. The Root Beer was rich and smooth, with just a hint of vanilla ice cream (or vanilla anyway). I liked it.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Not only was RB Float very reminiscent of an old fashioned Root Beer Float; it also produced plumes of vapor that was impressive. A good throat hit. An all-around great vape!

Jason: 4 Stars – Root Beer is an awesome flavor and when used properly it can reach greatness. While this had a lot of root beer flavor it didn’t reach greatness status. Hey, not all of them can. I certainly did enjoy it though.

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About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. Anthony

    One question for the Spinfuel Staff. When you tried these flavors was it with or without “Flavor Boost” that they offer?



    1. Spinfuel Staff

      We never review an e-liquid in any other preparation other than the vendor’s “house blend”. Whatever they sell as standard PG/VG and flavor % that’s what we review. Thanks for your question! – Tom

  2. life sucks, vaping helps make it tolerable

    to anyone thinking of ordering from vapedudes, don’t. i really recommend waiting at least a month or two from now to place an order. i placed an order a MONTH ago and have still not received my order. i’ve tried calling their phone number,which they say to do if you need to talk to them. no one is ever there to answer, its only a recording saying to email them regarding any questions. whats the point of having the phone number? it says on their site “if you are not satisfied with the ejuice you can get your money back”. i tried emailing them several times asking for a refund for just one of the 7 juices from my first order and never heard back from them. I’ve never given a review before but here is my opinion. ‘Smores’ horrible dark liquid tastes nothing like smores cannot detect any grahmcracker or marshmallow only a faint hint of weird tasting watered down chocolate. ‘Boston cream pie’ horrible dark liquid again tastes nothing like boston cream pie only the same watered down chocolate. ‘Mocha java drizzle’ almost black liquid, atty killer, heavy burnt coffee taste faint mocha taste and no caramel detected at all. “Chocolate covered strawberry” almost black in color, atty killer, but it does taste almost exactly like a chocolate strawberry,very good flavor. “Coconut cream” golden color, can taste the coconut but the cream part tastes nothing like cream to me weird chemical taste to it. “Organic cake batter” aweful aweful stuff. description says nothing of having cinnamon in it, if i would have known it had cinnamon in it i would have never ordered it. when you think of real cake batter, cinnamon is not part of cake batter unless you are making a cinnamon cake. pissed me off that they made no mention of freakin cinnamon. even after steeping for 2 weeks it still tastes and smells like a fireball red hot cinnamon. “Buttery nipple” hate the name but its now my all time favorite juice, light sweet butterscotch and heavenly creamy flavor, amazing. Has a few good flavors to me but customer service is by far the worst ive ever had.

    1. Diane R

      Vape Dudes is quickly becoming very popular. Unfortunately, they currently only have on person making the juices and only as they orders come in. They just can’t keep up with all the orders. They are constantly stating on their Facebook postings about this. Even on their website, it will tell how long it’s going to take. I won’t order again from them because I am not willing to wait two weeks or more for my order even with Priority Shipping. They may not even get to my order for a week or so. However, they did say they are training two new people to help with making the juices. I believe they said after the holidays creating juices and shipping them out should be faster. I just can’t believe though that they never answer your phone calls. That is certainly one way they are going to lose customers. I actually placed an order with Mt Baker which Spinfuel just reviewed. Got my juices in three days. Let them sit for a week and so far tried the blueberry. I do believe I like it even better than Vape Dude’s Blue Honey. As soon as I get more cartos, I’ll try the other juices I ordered from them. Good stuff, good prices and quick shipping!

  3. Noah

    I recently received my order of Ice Ice, Snicker Dude’l, Buttery Nipple, Vanilla Coffee, and Blue Honey. I had such high hopes for this company especially since they are Dallas based and I live in the Dallas area. I really like supporting local businesses. The order was received about 2 weeks later. I actually sent several messages via their website about changing the mix a week before it was processed but received no response. Juices arrived without requested changes. They did however upgrade one of the bottles from 10 to 30 ml for free. It too was not the mix I requested. Out of 5 juices none impressed me enough to warrant a reorder. After this review, I will now have to search through my bag of 50 no-go juices and try the blue honey again.

  4. Diane

    I took the plunge a few weeks ago and tried a few Vape Dudes juices. there was only one out of five that I really, really liked, Lemonade! So good, tastes just like the lemonade I used to get at the fairs. I was not thrilled with Ice Ice, just can’t take it, I don’t taste any mint at all. Banana/Strawberry just didn’t have enough kick for me, either did their Candy Cane. I’m still searching for that elusive perfect Peppermint!

    However, I did take another change on their Appletini. I really, really liked that one, too! It was crisp and a wonderful change from just vaping several different menthol flavors.

    So I decided to purchase a 30ml bottle of Appletini and another 30ml bottle of Lemonade and a small bottle of Blue Honey that even you guys have reaved about! I’m hoping I love it as much as everybody else.

    Anyway, that was two weeks ago and I’m still waiting for my Priority Shipped order. Good company, delicious juices, the ones that I liked, but receiving my order this time is just frustrating. I did hear they are finally in the process of hiring another person. Yay!

    Does anyone have any ideas why the Lemonade is difficult to vape though? I’ve tried it in Smoketek cartos and even Ikenvapes 801 Fusions. I only use 100% PG!

    1. Diane

      This is in no way any offense against Vape Dudes! Just wanted to put that out there. It’s not their fault that the USPS is taking so long.

      They really are a dedicated company who really care about their customers!

  5. Diana Devlin

    I have tried several flavors and there hasn’t been a bad one in the bunch. My absolute favorite is Blueberry Pie. It’s got that wonderful flaky buttery pie crust flavor that comes out in the exhale that blends so deliciously with the sweet blueberry taste. I have purchased probably 6 bottles of it in the 30 ml size. I’ve always gotten it in the 50/50 blend but I have tried it at different nicotine levels and all were fantastic! VapeDudes is by far, one of my favorite eliquid vendors!

  6. Debra Dale Matott

    I just ordered the Classic Tobacco and Grand Prairie in hopes that it taste like a real ciggy, I don’t want to go back to that so I hope it is as good as the reviews!

  7. DreamnD

    I received 7 flavors from another vendor selling Vape Dudes e-liquid but had a much different experience. The only one I liked was Blue Honey. I am glad I read your review because I’ll be willing to give them another try only this time directly. Thanks!

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      DreamnD, I spoke with the fine people at Vape Dudes and they want you to contact them about this, they would like to replace the juice for you. I hope you get this. Thanks!


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