The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Review

The Vapor Girl is the most ‘eclectic’ e-Liquid brand in the marketplace right now. Victoria’s use of imagery would make Stevie Nicks feel right at home. Victoria’s non-standard flavors she chooses to tackle, like ‘pizza’, have really helped The Vapor Girl carve out a niche in the e-Liquid world as the place to go for a completely different type of vaping adventure. The Vapor Girl even chooses to carry unusual mods and tanks, such as the Sub 2.0 that we reviewed earlier this year. Eclectic? Indeed.

This is not the first review of The Vapor Girl e-Liquids, nor will it be the last. While there might be a particular e-Liquid that strikes an unfamiliar cord with the team there are many more strike the perfect cord. Last year we couldn’t get enough of Victoria’s “Sweet Potato” vape, but the apprehension we all felt before filling a clearomizer was palatable. “Sweet Potato?” Turns out it was, and remains to be one of our favorite e-Liquids, especially for those times when we can’t find the right flavor for an evening vape.

A Special Review

During the month of July, our annual ‘July is eJuice Month’ we set out to review between 4 and 6 flavors from as many of our favorite vendors as we can. In this review there are 10 flavors, 4 more than the others. The reason is that we had scheduled a Vapor Girl review for early June and then decided to bump it to July. The Vapor Girl was absolutely going to be in the July celebration, so having a review in June and then again the next month seemed to be a bit unfair. So, the 10 flavors we were set to review are now appearing here, in our July celebration.

Some of the e-Liquid flavors sound like they would be marvelous interpretations of traditional foods in vapor form, like Southern Style Banana Pudding, and Pink Moo, while others sound as like a mad scientist has been set loose in North Carolina. Pizza is one thing, but a vape called “Gazpacho”? Really?

We think many of you will be surprised by the review that follows, others…well…others who have been huge fans of The Vapor Girl for a very long time will probably think ‘Gazpacho’ doesn’t seem all that weird.

Here are the e-Liquids The Vapor Girl has submitted for review:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Strawberries and Champagne
  3. Marcboro Tobacco
  4. Pink Moo
  5. Sweet Tart Blueberry
  6. Iced Caramel Latte
  7. MNT. Dewdrops Raspberry
  8. Menthol Tobacco
  9. Pizza
  10. Banana Pudding – Southern Style

Is that a list or what?

The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Particulars

All TVG e-Liquids are available in a sampler size, 7ML, 12mg nicotine, in a plastic bottle for $3.99.

Size                Price              Container
12ML              $6.99              Plastic
30ML              $15.99           Plastic/Amber Glass ($1.50 additional)
50ML              $24.99           Plastic/Amber Glass ($1.50 additional)
Note* 30ML and 50ML glass bottles do not ship with eyedropper.

You can add a “touch of frost” to any flavor for fifty cents

Nicotine Strengths – 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, 24MG and Zero Nicotine

Note* The nicotine fluid used at The Vapor Girl is extracted from Tobacco plants grown in North Carolina.

PG/VG – All of “The Vapor Girl” e-Liquids are made with PG and VG and organic and artificial flavoring. We do not know the PG/VG ratios.

The Review Particulars

Assorted hardware, both batteries and attachments, were used throughout the review period. Because we reviewed all ten flavors we felt it necessary to bump the normal 72-hour period to 96-hours in order that all of the flavors could be thoroughly evaluated. For instance, some e-Liquids, by any vendor, are terrific morning vapes but are not that great in the middle of a hot afternoon.  The whole purpose of spending time with each flavor, for each vendor, is to discover as much about each one as we can.

We strongly believe that to record yourself vaping a new e-Liquid and giving your impression of it is probably the worst way to review an e-Liquid.

As a viewer you have no idea what the reviewer was vaping prior to the video. Did it cause his or her taste buds to alter the perception of the e-Liquid being reviewed? What time of day was it? Is it a morning vape, afternoon vape, desert vape? I could go on, the point being is that is someone is going to offer an opinion on any e-Liquid that person should offer an informed opinion. That person needs to vape the e-Liquid at various times of the day, under various circumstances, with an unclouded palette. This is why our e-Liquid reviews are so long, and require a 5-member team to do an e-Liquid justice. There is much more to an e-Liquid flavor than a first drag.


There are factors in determining the ‘score’ of an individual e-Liquid. Having said that, those factors have to be considered under various environments. In order for a “flavor” factor to earn 5 stars (our highest score), the flavor must be a terrific flavor under any condition. Is it a good flavor first thing in the morning? How about mid-day? Does it hold together in the evening? All of these things must be taken into account.

Other factors that determine a score are the amount of vapor that can be enjoyed in various e-cigarettes, and is it an overall satisfying ‘vape’.

A Word About Throat Hits – There are too many things that can affect the throat hit, from nicotine levels to the type of battery or eJuice delivery devices (carto, clearo, tank), and even the time of the day and the amount of vaping the person has done before trying out the new e-Liquid flavor.

Where our own scores for the “Throat Hit” becomes an unfair factor is when you can be led to believe that a certain e-Liquid flavor delivers a great throat and you decide to order it based on our review. Did you order the same PG/VG ratio that we used? Is the nicotine level the same? Are you going to vape with the same hardware we use? All of these things play a part in determining the throat hit for e-Liquid, and it is impossible to say whether you will experience the same throat hit that any member of the team experienced.

Beginning in this review we will no longer use the Throat Hit score when determining whether or not that e-Liquid should earn a Spinfuel Choice Award. We will still let you know what are experience was with respect to the throat hit, but even an e-Liquid completely absent of a throat hit could earn a Choice Award is everything else earns the top score.

Something else to keep in mind – Our job with a Spinfuel e-Liquid Review is not to talk you into buying an e-Liquid. Our job is to bring new brands, new flavors, and new experiences to you so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to travel down that road. Our team consists of five individuals with five different styles of vaping, and five different palettes for e-Liquid flavors. It is up to you to decide if the e-Liquid we review is worth your time and your money.

Our Newest MemberNichole – Before allowing Nicole to join the team we interviewed seven others. We chose Nicole for her knowledge about ‘flavor’. Nicole is a trained pastry chef, and she has been vaping for two years. She is most certainly an e-Liquid connoisseur, and she understands and appreciates menthol as well. (Finally!) Nicole is a very qualified reviewer on the Spinfuel Team who, like the rest of us, will work hard to discover if a brand, or even a single flavor from that brand, is worthy of your money and your time.


The Vapor Girl Ten Get Reviewed

So what are we waiting for? We have ten flavors to talk about, and believe me we talked… a lot.

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Banana Pudding Southern StyleSpinfuel Choice Award – “Banana Pudding (Southern Style) Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is yet another tribute to a North Carolina legendary dessert! The Southern Banana Pudding is a delightful mix of textures and flavors with Nilla Wafers used as a decorative “crust”, banana pudding as the main portion, and real, ripe banana slices interspersed throughout. Our banana pudding carries throughout a swirl of cookie and vanilla that makes this vape out of this world!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: I have a soft spot for banana pudding. My mother makes the best banana pudding in the world. (Hi Mom!) The ratio of Nilla wafers (and it has to be Nilla Wafers!), and slow-cooked vanilla pudding (no instant pudding at my house), and banana’s that if left out for just one more day would be over ripe, are vital to a perfect ‘mom’s’ banana pudding. I know banana pudding… And if you also like banana pudding you are going to love this e-Liquid.

The Vapor Girl did an excellent job at delivering a real, honest-to-goodness, authentic tasting banana pudding in vapor form. The artistry used in this recipe to deliver just the right amount of banana flavoring, vanilla wafer and vanilla pudding flavoring is a remarkable achievement. It must have taken months to get this just right. Vapor was thick, with a nice aroma of banana, but the lack of the throat hit was noticeable. A higher nicotine level might have delivered a better one. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Angel Marie: I’ve never vaped a banana pudding flavor before but I have had plenty of banana variations. I expected this to be just another banana variation but it isn’t. I’ll be damned if this wasn’t an authentic banana pudding vape. It is so amazing what eJuice artists can do when they know what it is they are doing. I loved the rich creamy banana and vanilla flavors, the vapor production was huge, and although the throat hit was light I don’t think it would have benefited from being a harder hitting one. This was damn near perfect. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Nicole: I thought I had tried every banana e-Liquid combination there was. I never dreamed someone would try to make a banana pudding eJuice, especially a good one. Southern Style Banana Pudding by the Vapor Girl is extraordinary! The vapor tastes just like banana pudding! I really enjoyed this one, and the mixture of vanilla wafer and banana was splendid. Great vapor, little throat hit. If you like banana pudding this is a must try. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

John: Unlike the rest of this team this is not my first banana pudding e-Liquid, it’s actually my third. The first one was amazing, the second one wasn’t that good, but now this one from The Vapor Girl takes it too the next level of delicious. I loved it.

I think what drove it home for me was a better balance of the whole vanilla wafer thing. You can really taste the vanilla wafers and nice vanilla pudding. Of course the banana flavor is dominant, but the others are not buried, not by a long shot. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys any type of banana eJuice. The Vapor Girl did a wonderful job! Vapor was excellent as well. The only thing that wasn’t there was a throat hit, but to be fair we vape between 8Mg and 12MG nicotine levels, so you can’t expect much unless you get a high PG ratio, and the amount of vapor this was putting out I think it was a 50/50 blend. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: This is a very authentic banana pudding vape that was really enjoyable. I think that with the flavoring used in this recipe the urge to go extra sweet must be strong, so I admire the Vapor Girl’s restraint in pulling back on the reigns. Banana Pudding is naturally sweet, but not overly so, which I was very happy with. The mixture of vanilla, vanilla wafers, and banana was very balanced. You could identify the banana flavor instantly, which is fine, but the vanilla wafer flavor was right there as well. A perfect execution. Oh, and the vapor output was awesome! 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars