V4L WOW Vapor King Disposable

Vapor4Life The Enigma And The Disposable E Cigarette


V4L Mail – If you’ve ever purchased anything from Vapor4Life, you know that unless you ‘opt out’ that every day you’re going to get an email or two from them. These emails usually announce ‘Beat the Clock’ sales. If you’re running low on supplies, or if you’ve decided you want to buy something, it’s a good chance you can save some money if you wait for the daily V4L email. I know I certainly do.

So anyway, over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen my daily V4L email continually announce a new Disposable electronic cigarette, The WOW Vapor King. I remember thinking, after seeing it three or four times, that ‘they are really pushing these things’ and I wondered why. I mean we have reviewed several disposables before and while some of been okay, most were not, and none of them were ever worth the price. So why risk it? If I’m going to spend the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes ($6-$10) for a single ‘disposable e cigarette’ the damn thing best last at least as long, and taste at least as good, and finally, satisfy me as much as a regular cigarette. If not, then why bother?

Electronic Cigarette Disposables?

The way I see it, and I could be wrong, is there are two major segments of the electronic cigarette consumer market where a disposable e cigarette matters. Smokers curious about electronic cigarettes and one might pick one up on an impulse buy, or as a replacement for a vaper’s usual e cigarette. When a vaper is away from home or at least away from his or her usual vape gear, it’s a good idea to have access to one. But, let me ask you; ‘Do you know anyone that uses a disposable electronic cigarette as his or her only vaping device? I know I sure don’t.’

The Market For Disposable e Cigarettes

Just because no one in their right mind would use a disposable e cigarette as their only vaping device doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge market for them. Believe me, there is. And that number is growing rapidly every month. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t say ‘no one in their right mind because if you have enough money to spend $6-$10 a day for a disposable e cigarette and you don’t mind spending that much then maybe its not that bad of an bad idea.

The Ease of Disposables

John Manzione wrote a column the other day about the “hassle” of vaping. In it he talked about how many steps that are involved in the vaping process. Like, how often you have to refill cartomizers and clearomizers, and all sorts of other things. You have to admit that if you could afford it, using a disposable everyday instead of buying e liquid and vaping supplies sure would be a lot less hassle. If you could find one that worked well and tasted good. So maybe there are many people out there in the Vapeland willing to go through the expense in order to have an easy-to-use, consistent-tasting product.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes By Vapor4Life

Getting back for a moment about seeing the daily V4L emails and the WOW Vapor King Disposable for a moment… I can’t ignore something forever, not when I see it every day, so several days ago I decided to look further into these new disposables. Here’s why I thought they would make a good review:

Nearly every brand of electronic cigarette on the market, in the legit market anyway, offers a disposable e cigarette. My guess is that Disposables play the role of ‘soft drinks in a restaurant chain’.

In other words, the real profit, or at least the highest profit margins are on soft drinks. They cost pennies per glass, but are sold for a couple of bucks a glass. Supposedly, there is very little profit in the actual food in these fast-food chains, so they make that up by selling soft drinks. Perhaps then, the cost of a Disposable e cigarette is also where a lot of profit can be had.

Not that there isn’t a lot of profit already in other products e cigarette brands sell. There is plenty of profit to be had in e cigarette starter kits, batteries, e liquid, and accessories. This is why you see so many Scam Alerts in Spinfuel. Perhaps the Disposable plays a big part in a company’s bottom line.

In any case, I decided a review of the Wow Vapor Kings were in order.

The WOW Vapor King – Tobacco and Menthol

The WOW Vapor King Disposable is no bigger, or smaller, than a King cigarette. It’s the same thickness of real cigarettes, and it is light, small, and unremarkable in appearance. Just like a real cigarette.Vapor4Life The Enigma And The Disposable E Cigarette Tom McBride

The WOW Vapor King Disposables are offered in two nicotine strengths, 2.6%, and 3.6%. To those of you that use the ‘mg’ method, that’s 26mg and 36mg, or what I refer to as ‘strong’ and ‘wicked strong’.

They come in ‘regular tobacco’ flavor and ‘menthol’. The price is $7.49. I think its kind of amusing that V4L displays a “List” price with a font strike-through, and then a “Sale” price. As far as I’ve seen, many of their products are always on “Sale.” But, for the sake of being totally transparent here, the “List” price of the Wow Vapor Kings are $8.99 so if you ever go to V4L’s website and see them for $8.99 at least you’ll know.

The following paragraph is offered by V4L to explain how they created the WOW Vapor King:

“Four years in development and over 200 hours of taste testing, WOW Vapor King disposables are unlike any product currently on the market. WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a consistent flavor in every puff. By substantially modifying the cartomizer coil resistance, WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a better throat hit. With one of the highest puff counts on the market, WOW Vapor King disposables provide the true smoking experience with a genuine tobacco taste.”

Before I go on, the modified cartomizer coil resistance is proprietary in nature, so I have no information on it. I suppose I could try to take one apart, or put it on a voltage meter, but really, why?

Let’s Take A Break – after I had written my review I decided that there needed to be some context to what I had laid out. So, bear with me here while I provide that context.

Steve Milin

Steve Milin is the CEO and Founder of Vapor4Life. Milin is, in my opinion, an enigma. Milin is a very hand’s on CEO; he doesn’t delegate everything to other people at V4L, or so I’m told. I would bet you it was Milin who spent most of those 200 hours of test tasting the Vapor Kings himself, not some focus group somewhere.

Milin is, I believe, the reason why so many of V4L’s products are first-class, high quality products. I have yet to experience a bad one from V4L. That doesn’t mean I like everything they make, the cigar e Liquid I received, for example, when I did the Vapor Zeus review was something I couldn’t stand to vape (though they do have a new one that looks to be much better, I’ll keep you posted), but pound-for-pound V4L products are very good.

balloonmanOn the other hand, and this is where the enigma thing first comes in, Milin publicizes his company in the tradition of a car dealership. What I mean by that is there is a lot of hype on the V4L website, and they take advantage of every single reason on earth to have a sale. I can imagine that if it were possible to have real “waving in the air people balloons” on V4L’s homepage they would.

These sales are always “big deals”; they are announced constantly, in big letters and colorful fonts. You get email from them every day announcing these sales, and the sales are always somehow a little different each time. Some days you can save 25% and on other you can save 35%, some products are exempt from the full discount, but are still on sale for 10% less. I could go on, it can get complicated, but the idea I want to get across is everything that happens at V4L is BIG. I think it’s being over-sold.

If you’re a customer, like I am, and you actually pay attention to the daily emails you can maximize your savings by waiting for the right sale, say that 35% EVERYTHING sale they have once a week or so, and you can rush in and save on Smileomizers, batteries, e liquid, and anything else you might need or want to try. It can be fun, especially why you time it right, so it’s not that I take issue with.

Here is another bit of the enigma puzzle. For all the pizzazz at V4L, for all the bright colors, and the List price versus the Sale price, and for all the emails we get, there is one thing that continues to impresses me… Milin and his crew do not lie.

For all the thousands of words of ‘copy’ on the V4L website, you cannot spot a single lie, or misworded claim. In fact, if you ever see something like “Voted the Best…” Milin makes sure to include WHO voted it the best. On the V4L site right now there is a box that says “Voted Best E-Cig by Gizmodo.”  Now try to count the times you’ve seen “Voted the Best…” on dozens of other sites where you would kill to know just who the hell voted these clowns #1 in anything?

How many times do we all see outrageous claims being made on cig-a-like websites where, somehow, their product is “#1 Best Selling” “Voted Best”, “Voted Best Tasting” and all the rest of the BS, conveniently leaving out any source of who voted them on anything. You never see claims like this at V4L unless it is backed up by the original source. In word, that is amazing.

The V4L website looks like a hyper-sensationalized website, even naming an entire line of products “WOW” can be a turn off to people like me who absolutely hate that type of marketing. But I’ll be damned in V4L doesn’t back up everything they say with the truth. Believe me, if there were a single sentence on which I could hang V4L for lying, I would do so… in a New York Minute. (I am excessively sensitive about truth in advertising, especially in this market) So, saying that Milin is an enigma I’m saying that the products that V4L sells are good enough to become hits without the over hyping marketing methods. I like V4L for the products, not the hype. It makes me wonder why Milin does it this way.

So, What About These Wow Vapor King Disposables Anyway?

After reviewing more than my share of disposables I came in to this review expecting the same performance, taste, and longevity that I see in all the other disposables I’ve reviewed. I mean, think about it; a company like NJOY, with all the money in the world, can’t put out a disposable that gives you more than 40 puffs, so how is anyone else supposed to?

To be fair, there are some disposables on the market that I don’t actually despise. Some have decent vapor production; some have massive throat hits, and some taste pretty good (like the VUSE). If they taste good they lack throat hit or vapor, if they have throat hit they taste like crap, and so on. And none of them last long enough to make them worth more than 99 cents a pop.