Vanilla Sky eLiquid Review – Hurricane Vapor

Vanilla Sky  eLiquid Review – Hurricane Vapor

Hurricane Vapor eLiquid Review – Vanilla Sky

Keira Hartley-Barnes and Team

In development for almost half a year, Hurricane Vapor finally took the wraps off their long-awaited new Storm Juice, Vanilla Sky. It is, in a word, scrumptious. Dripping with luscious vanilla flavoring, this ‘tobacco house’ blend will please even the most stubborn Vapers.

Hurricane Vapor Vanilla Sky Storm Juice Spinfuel eMagazine eLiquid ReviewVanilla Sky went on sale last week and in a just a few days time Hurricane Vapor has torn through much of their inventory. Fans of Hurricane Vapor have been waiting a long time for this one, and the reports coming from customers is that they (Hurricane Vapor) have done it again. Happily, we agree 100% with their customers; Vanilla Sky is a winner.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team gathered a few days ago to divvy up a 30ML bottle of Vanilla Sky and then scurried away to our various vaping corners to fill our clearomizers and tanks and enjoy this new tobacco blend. The following excerpts are from our round-table discussion.

Tom: Waiting for a new tobacco blend from Hurricane Vapor is like waiting for Christmas morning. These guys know tobacco, and when they put their minds and artistry to it they can create some of the most amazing storm juice. Vanilla Sky is typical of the best work done by Hurricane Vapor.

With my share of Vanilla Sky I filled a Kanger UniTank and one of the new Vapor Zeus Smileomizers and set about vaping during different parts of the day in order to see when a juice like this tastes best. For me, Vanilla Sky is a great evening vape, after 6PM, when the excitement of the day has died down and it’s time to let the stressors of the day be released. The richness of the vanilla, and the smooth tobacco flavors combine to form a naturally soothing vape that makes you want to kick back and relax, put your feet up and unwind. With the large 1300mAh Vapor Zeus, with it’s long cigar-like battery and massive cartomizer, I took on the pose of an old-fashioned business executive enjoying a big fat cigar in luxury. Vanilla Sky is perfect for that.

Vapor production is, of course, enormous, no matter what hardware you’re using (it is a 50/50 blend), but even more so with the Zeus, and the throat hit is solid, satisfying, and silky. 5 Stars

Julia: Unlike Tommy-Boy, I’m not obsessed with tobacco flavors. Give me a smooth, creamy flavor and I’m set. Thankfully, with the big vanilla notes in Vanilla Sky I had a great vaping experience. This new storm juice is just what we needed, a new, deeply satisfying storm juice that gives vanilla fans a reason to vape a tobacco blend, and tobacco fans a reason to vape vanilla. Whether your taste buds crave a tobacco or the sweet and exotic vanilla extract, Vanilla Sky has you covered.

I wanted to put Vanilla Sky through the paces a bit so I filled a 510 Kanger cartomizer, a Triton clearomizer, and one of my Tumbler clearomizers and set up vaping with as many different batteries as I could find. Each one vaped a little differently, but one thing remained the same throughout, and that was the finely tuned vanilla and tobacco flavor. Now I understand why this was a storm juice in development for months, they wanted to get it exactly right. They did. This is a great time to be a Hurricane Vapor ‘Vaper’. Ah, yes, that’s right, Vapor Vaper. Hmmm… 5 Stars

Keira (me): Its my turn now, and while I agree with my team members, for the most part, I think it’s important to note that Vanilla Sky is in no way some overly sweet desert vape with tobacco notes. This new storm juice from Hurricane Vapor is one of the more serious flavors to come from these artists in a while. Yes, it has deep vanilla flavor, and it does kind of fill you up with the warmth that real vanilla can, but it is also a smooth, deep, almost woodsy and nutty tobacco flavor that mature, veteran Vapers would enjoy. I just don’t want people to assume that because it is drenched in vanilla that it’s some kind of eJuice that belongs with flavors like ‘vanilla pudding’ or ‘vanilla ice cream’… Vanilla Sky is a fine tobacco blend that employs the best characteristics of vanilla, and the richness of natural tobacco and gives the Vaper a deeply satisfying vape.

Hurricane Vapor Vanilla Sky Storm Juice Spinfuel eMagazine eLiquid ReviewI also agree with my team members on the vapor production and throat hit as well. This is the vanilla tobacco eJuice that people have been waiting for. 5 Stars

Jason: I have been exploring all kinds of eLiquid flavors over the past few months, from sugary sweet vapes to weird flavors like “filet mignon” (The Vapor Girl, coming soon) and I’ve discovered that the reason why this hobby that we so innocently call ‘vaping’ is so extraordinary; because we humans have the capacity to taste an unlimited number of flavors. And when you make the conscious decision to learn the subtleties of flavor, and how it pertains to eJuice, then you learn to tell the difference between a hundred different ‘vanilla’ flavors or a hundred different ‘tobacco’ or ‘blueberry’ or anything else.

Now comes Vanilla Sky, a wickedly delicious tobacco storm juice from the masters of tobacco, and once again I am delighted with a brand new take on vanilla. Vanilla Sky is an eLiquid flavor that I’ve never before tasted. It is unlike any other vanilla juice, or tobacco juice, or other takes on vanilla tobacco. It’s original. It is rich in vanilla, yet rich in tobacco as well. It is satisfying on a sweet level and just as satisfying on the tobacco level. If you’re in the mood for a vanilla vape this is an excellent choice, if you’re in the mood for a tobacco vape this is an excellent choice. That is what is so extraordinary about Vanilla Sky. It is a precise recipe that, I believe, no one will ever do better. Not with this… not with vanilla and tobacco. This is the one. This is Vanilla Sky, a most original, and amazing eLiquid from the team that bought you Choice Award winners like Papaya Milkshake, Mango Milkshake, Sunshine Cured Tobacco, and Belgian Simmered Tobacco. This is art. This is 5 Stars.


So what do you think? Did the team enjoy the new Vanilla Sky? Is it obvious? Yea, I think so.

I don’t want to drag this out, but after listening to everyone, and taking hold of their notecards, and thinking about my own words, I steered the conversation into this; “Are we going overboard? Not just with Vanilla Sky, but with our impressions with several previous team reviews. Are we laying it on too thick?”


(that’s a first)

Julia: Wow, what a good question. That has occasionally crossed my mind. We’ve had a run of luck, or is it luck, I don’t think so, with eLiquids coming in for review, I think. Or, is it that we are being overly selective, or are we not being critical enough? Though, maybe, this may be a topic for another day and not something for this Vanilla Sky review.

But I will say this; eLiquids are improving. The skill to mix them and the ingredients themselves, on every level they are getting better. Hurricane Vapor, and some others, have taken this business dead seriously. These guys, and others we know and love, have approached the business of eJuice in a wholly different way then it was just a couple of years ago.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013In the past a lot of people were buying DIY juice from friends, or virtual friends from forums. Today, there is a new and better way. Safer, purer, and better tasting. People like Hurricane Vapor depend on making great juice in order to make a living, not impress their friends. This is not the same market it once was. So, are we overdoing it? No, not at all. We are vaping the best of the best, most of the time, and despite the higher standards, the extraordinary amount of hard work that goes into every new flavor, there are still some ‘brands’ (if you want to call them brands) that are still doing it old school. From sending out bottles that are not sealed, to ‘sight’ measuring ingredients. We review the cream of the crop usually, and our readers should know that. So, no, we’re not going overboard, we’ll telling people not to settle for the old ways. There are true artists now, and business people, who are creating amazing flavors and delivering them to us in safe ways. We should be shouting it on the rooftops. – JB

After Julia was finished with her rant, I asked if anyone else would like to add anything to what she said.


Tom: I think she covered it.

Applause from Tom, Jason, and me. At that point I slapped my notebook shut. Skype cameras off. I turned to Julia and said “That went well, don’t you think?” She laughed.

Buy a bottle of Vanilla Sky. It’s a Spinfuel Choice Award. It’s one you will remember.

Keira Hartley-Barnes, Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little


About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. Rebecca Roberts

    I have yet to try it but I am looking forward to tasting a tobacco flavor with a nice vanilla taste to it too!

  2. Alicia McDaniel

    I’m not a tobacco vaper, only off analogs 42 days, I get skiddish. Afraid it will make me want a cig. But Tom makes me want to buy Vanilla Sky, fill my tank and vape this after I’ve had my day of PT and struggling to get done what I can. (Recovering from severe stroke now, making the days painfully long and looking for that vape I can enjoy in the quiet hours of the night after all is done and kids and hubby are in dream land.) this might just have to be my first tobacco e juice. I can’t resist toms description!

  3. Richard Duncan aka tick22

    “Vanilla Sky sounds interesting, it really does. Knowing how the crew vapes and how I don’t relate due to old tired, smoked ruined taste buds, I feel this one may be a good one to try. You see I take what you all say and subtract half, add an a bit of maybe and come up with the sum total of what the group thinks.
    I then remember past reviews and go from there. Due to that reasoning, “Vanilla Sky may be one I try.

    As always thanks Spinfuel crew for putting your taste buds in harms way testing various juices for your readers peace of mind….

  4. Rebecca R

    Okay you sold me on that one.. not that it was a hard sale because I’ve tried many of Hurricane Vapor’s flavors and each one I’ve tried has rocked!!! I’ll go for this one too, thanks!!!

  5. quietvape

    I definitely must try Hurricane Vapors. I’m sort of a newbie and really have to broaden my e-juice horizons….

  6. Jacqui

    I just got in a sample pack and loaded up my mini Vivi Nova – I love the combination of Vanilla and tobacco. This is the first Vanilla Tobacco that I have liked :)

  7. PeteC2

    I have pretty much given up on finding a true vanilla-infused tobacco flavor. Most are too much vanilla, too little tobacco…and I know vanilla-tobacco well from my pipe smoking days, I can close my eyes, lean back and still taste it to this day.

    I am looking forward to trying this however, because I maintain that Hurricane Vapor KNOWS tobacco. I will come back and re-visity this review once I’ve tried it.

    BTW, for what it is worth…identifying white chocolate notes versus vanilla? Maybe a touch of added creaminess/sweetness would be it. White chocolate reminds me more of vanilla than chocolate.

    1. Staff

      Our thinking exactly Pete. Do let us know what you think. We would be very interested in your feedback. Palates can be as different as fingerprints, so it’s important to invite all types of feedback, especially when it comes to taste. – Tom

  8. Hampton

    I am a regular user of several Hurricane juices and have also just tried Vanilla Sky. I find it absolutely amazing that none of you once mentioned white chocolate when doing this review. White chocolate is listed in Hurricane’s description and guess what.. it is, in my opinion, the dominant flavor! Did you not even smell this stuff before writing yet another( getting a little predictable guys..) glowing review for Hurricane’s latest? It is so aromatic with sweet chocolate it will literally permeate the whole room when you take the cap off the bottle. It’s all I can taste with the exception of the vanilla and a strange neutral base. Tobacco? I can’t find any.
    I have shared it with friends and they all agree the white chocolate dominates and is too much to stomach. I have purchased strictly from your reviews in the past but if you are all going to gush about a new flavor without even mentioning a key and dominant flavor note, I will look to other sources for accurate reviews. Sorry Hurricane.. I wanted to like it. And Spinfuel, shame on you.

    1. Staff

      Hampton, your remarks about white chocolate surprises me. Personally, white chocolate makes me sick, it’s a funky flavor I just don’t like, and if any of us had tasted white chocolate in Vanilla Sky it would have come up. No one did. That’s the truth. But, I know you are sincere in your opinion so tonight I’ll go out and buy some white chocolate at the mall and tomorrow Jules and I will divide it up, have some, and then compare it to another Vanilla Sky vape. If we taste it, we’ll revise the review. But honestly, white chocolate was the furthest thing from our minds. And no tobacco? Really? Did your bottle have time to steep or was it right out of the mailbox? We kept ours around for several days before vaping it, perhaps that’s the difference. – Keira

      1. Hampton

        I let it breathe for a few hours and tried it two days later. In fairness to Hurricane I will let it steep for at least a week or more before I try it again and make a final judgement on whether to keep it or not. You can buy a truckload of white chocolate if it pleases you or you may simply just read the flavor description on their site and at least acknowledge it in any future reviews.

        1. Staff

          We know they describe “hints” of white chocolate but the fact remains it just wasn’t there, or the vanilla, which we described as original and ‘silky’, was the hint of white chocolate. Honestly, what does white chocolate taste like if not for a silky smooth vanilla? -KHB

  9. Randall Davis

    After the glowing review of Hurricane Vapors new flavor, Pineapple Cheesecake,just had to try it!…..Glad I did one of my favorite all day vapes.thanks Spinfule for the review and the great suggestion…….Love this stuff!! Randall Davis


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