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The Vapor Bitch e Juice Review

The Vapor Bitch e Juice Review

Lead WriterJulia Barnes, with Jason Little, Tom McBride, Lisa Johnston, and Chelsey Laney…

Vapor Bitch is owned and operated by Geoff and Rich, two well educated, professional men who have turned their talents to creating eLiquids more than two years ago. Geoff has an MBA in marketing while Rich is a professional photographer and graphic designer. (And actually owns and operates a design and photography business).

Recognizing the bright future of the electronic cigarette industry and the opportunities that lies ahead for businesses that can create great eLiquids they formed Vapor Bitch. VB (Vapor Bitch) has become a successful business in its own right due to the dedication of Geoff and Rich’s hard work for creating what they call “indescribable” flavors.

The above is the “official” line for Vapor Bitch and the people behind it, but does the official line fit the reality? This is the question we attempt to answer in this review. Are VB’s flavors ‘indescribable’ as they indicate? Are they unique, delicious, and consistent? Or are they just ordinary, just okay eLiquids?

These are the questions any eJuice customer needs to know before spending money on a new brand (new to the customer anyway), and with more and more companies being formed every day that claim to have great eLiquids, potential customers must learn to vet the company first and not be sold on unique names for particular flavors, or custom packaging, or even price. Quality ingredients and talented eJuice creators are vital to every eJuice company, but there is more to it than that; the eLiquids must deliver a great vaping experience to the customer. Good vapor production, decent throat hits, and accurate and delicious flavors are what really separate the wheat from the chaff. So where does Vapor Bitch stand?

Let’s find out…

Over a two-year period VB has developed and bought to market 25 flavors. I like that Geoff and Rich seemed to have focused more on delivering a limited number eJuice flavors rather than rushing out 50 or more. Let’s face it, there are companies who have been around for less than two years that offer twice as many flavors as VB, and while some do a great job with many flavors, others do not. By taking it slow(er) than most, VB ‘seemed’ to take to the philosophy that ‘less is more’ when it comes to the number of flavors being offered. But is the “less is more” philosophy also carried over into the flavors themselves?

VB uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and create their eLiquids in a special “dedicated sanitary environment”. While I wish VB and others would be more forthcoming with their actual ‘setup’, we’ll take it on their word that the sanitary environment is just that.

eLiquid Characteristics

VB eJuice is on the thick side, which is to be expected when their standard PG/VG ratio is 50/50, though you can specify the ratio that you want, to an extent. A 50/50 ratio, especially with VB juice, provides more vapor than you’ll know what to do with, a nice feature any time. Color and aroma are not flavor specific with VB, so you won’t tell much from a visual or olfactory examination of the eJuice. We found that in order to use a cartomizer we had to use a syringe as the thickness prevented a fast absorption using the tip of the bottle.

The names of the flavor offer no indication as to the flavor, so you’ll need to read the description on their website to get an idea of what you’re vaping, but even then you will have some difficulty figuring out what the flavor is. For instance, their Dragon Drop is described as “Smooth, sweet, a little tangy. Contains the power of the ancient dragon. With great power, comes great responsibility. Vape with care.” I don’t know about you, but other than knowing it’s a sweet vape, there is no other indication that will help you decide whether you want to buy it or not. The rest of the flavors follow this same description mechanism.


Ordering from Vapor Bitch is pretty much identical to any other eLiquid “Best Practices”, offering nicotine strengths from “zero” to 8mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. You can choose the “house blend” of 50/50 PG/VG or 70/30 or 30/70. If you want a little extra flavor you’ll have the option for that as well. Bottle sizes are 7ML, 11ML, and 33ML. Prices are $5.50 for the 7ML, $7.00 for 11ML and $16.00 for 33ML. Not a bad pricing structure. The bottles are plastic, with a tip and a screw on cap.


Before we get to the review of the individual flavors there are a couple of things worth pointing out. I was a little bothered by the Vapor Bitch homepage. Vapor Bitch is an eJuice brand, and as such eLiquids should take top billing on the homepage. Instead, what you see when load the page is a large photo of a Limited Edition Rebuildable Atty, then a large instructional video on that Atty, then 3 rows of 4 products each of vaping hardware…then you get to the eJuice flavors. I can’t help but think that VB may be going through an identity crisis or they see more profit in the hardware, which is perfectly fine I suppose. But being a huge fan of eLiquids seeing all the hardware first was a bit disappointing.

The Review – Technicals

Vapor Bitch sent ten (10) flavors for review. They are:

  • Pon Pon Juice
  • Dumb Juice
  • OurY4
  • Dark and Mellow
  • Oba Oba
  • Geoff's Brew
  • Afternoon Delight
  • Cracked
  • Oktoberfest
  • Dragon Drop

Each flavor was 50/50 ratio, 12MG nicotine in 34ML bottles. Each bottle was filled to the brim with juice, so there was plenty for the team to use for 72 hours and more.

The Review

After spending 72 hours vaping Vapor Bitch exclusively our team assembled on October 31st and discussed their findings for half a day, longer than any previous eLiquid review we’ve done. The reason was there were less divided opinions about the flavors than expected, and nearly all the flavors were re-vaped during the meeting, something we’ve never done before. The scores, and the discussions led to some soul-searching on our part. We continued to vape various flavors to make sure we absolutely stood by the decisions that we made and the comments we would show in the review. To be completely upfront, Vapor Bitch did not score well with any member of the team, and all for the same reasons.

We used the same Grading Scale that we always use, the 1-5 stars, but there were some differences in the grading than before. All team members agreed that the vapor production was phenomenal, due to the 50/50 PG/VG blend. Since all flavors had the same ratio it wouldn’t benefit the reader to read our vapor descriptions for each flavor. All flavors were also 12MG (1.2%), and the Throat Hits were also much the same. Again, due to the 50/50 blend the Throat Hit’s never scored above a 3 unless we pushed the eJuice well past our “comfort zone”. Each member of the team strives for a voltage setting that provides the maximum amount of flavor, not vapor production or warmth or anything else. That being said, the Variable Voltage devices (all supplied by MyVaporStore) were never pushed past 4.1 volts, and often remained at 3.8v. Anything higher either produced too much heat or lessened the flavor, and resulted in a burning sensation in the back of our team’s throats.

The Scale

1 Star – Completely UnVapable

2 Stars – Meh, nothing to write home about

3 Stars – An average eJuice, nothing special

4 Stars – A good eLiquid, worth vaping, worth buying

5 Stars – An excellent eJuice with superb flavor and a satisfying vape.

The bottom line for the 10 flavors we reviewed is that all things considered, the only difference between each eLiquid was the flavor or lack thereof. We ask that you keep that in mind while reading our individual comments below.

And….Let’s Begin…

Afternoon Delight – VB says; “An all day vape. Relax with the sensation of a southern-style sweet tea. Fresh, relaxing summer-time vape, but good all year round.

Julia – 3 Stars – Afternoon Delight is definitely a “tea” flavored vape. But the problem is that it tastes like old iced tea. And I know what old iced tea tastes like because I make a pitcher every day. Keira likes to point out when it gets ‘old’, and makes me taste it. Afternoon Delight has that same ‘sense’ that the iced tea has.

Tom – 2 Stars – Sweet, southern-style tea. No, it just doesn’t fit. I get a hint of tobacco in it, but it’s not sweet tea.        

Jason – 3 Stars – It has some flavor, but not a lot. I get a hint of tea, but its not very complex or complicated. Its just ‘meh’.

Lisa – 2 Stars - Afternoon Delight isn’t very good, but its not horrible either. I guess I would say that it’s just there. Not much flavor.

Chelsey – 3 Stars – Afternoon Delight is just okay. Not something that I would vape again though.                                                          

Geoff’s Brew: VB says; “A smoky tobacco flavor without the sweetness of most tobacco vapes. All with a killer vapor production - Just the way Geoff likes it.

Julia: 3 Stars – Because of the name of this flavor I gave this one a more time to grow on me, but it just didn’t. Geoff may like a mellow vape, but this was just an ordinary flavor. Not bad, but not that good, and completely average.

Tom: 2 Stars – Geoff must not like to vape much because this tasted like, well, nothing. All the flavors had plenty of vapor, including this one, but it lacks everything else.

Jason: 3 Stars – An average flavor with nothing special going on. What lacked was any level of complexity. It’s okay, but way too ordinary. Not a good start.

Lisa: 3 Stars – I was hoping for better flavor from an eJuice named after one of the owners. There isn’t anything that makes this special. I detected no complex layers of flavors and to this day I have no idea what flavors I am supposed to taste.

Chelsey: 2 Stars – I just don’t know what I am vaping with this one. It’s kind of sweet, plenty of vapor, and for that reason I could vape it okay. But this just didn’t do anything for me at all.

Oktoberfest – VB says; “A sweet and extremely flavorful Fall Pumpkin and Spice flavor that will warm you up this fall.”

Julia – 2 Stars – I expected a lot from this flavor, at least the taste of Pumpkin and/or pumpkin spice. But instead I got almost nothing. I didn’t like the flavor, for what it was, and was disappointed that the claim of Pumpkin flavor was lacking.

Tom – 2 Stars – No pumpkin flavors at all. Had it not been for the vapor this would not register with me at all. I can’t believe Vapor Bitch is saying that this is an “extremely flavorful” juice; it’s just not.

Jason – 2 Stars – Whoa, I feel like there must be something wrong with this bottle we received. Pumpkin flavor? No way, its not there. I did not enjoy this flavor at all.

Lisa - 2 Stars – If there was a pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavor to be had here I missed it. I’m wondering if a 50/50 blend is completely wrong for this type of flavor.

Chelsey – 2 Stars – I taste more tobacco in this flavor than I do pumpkin. I will say that Oktoberfest had a better than average throat hit, so there’s that.

Dark and Mellow – VB says; “It tastes just like one of those individually wrapped cigars with the white tip that you get from the convienence(sp) store.”

Julia - 3 Stars – I have no idea what an individually wrapped cigar tastes like, but at least this one has some flavor to it. I didn’t particularly like the flavor, but some people will.

Tom – 3 Stars – I’m the tobacco guy here at Spinfuel, so I should really like this flavor, but I don’t. The flavor description is actually accurate; it does taste like a cheap cigar. I might vape this if there is nothing else to vape, but only if there was nothing left to vape.

Jason – 2 Stars – I’ll tell you exactly what this tastes like; cheap. It tastes like a cheap cigar.

Lisa - 2 Stars – Definitely NOT a woman’s flavor. Their description is accurate, if you are looking for a cheap cigar flavor than this is your flavor. It’s not mine.

Chelsey – 2 Stars – Their description says cigar and their photo is that of a pipe. I would have enjoyed a pipe flavor, but Dark and Mellow is a cheap cigar. I didn’t like it at all.

Dumb Juice: VB says; “A clean, relaxing, smooth, exotic fruit flavor that will clear your mind. It wont make you numb, but will make you dumb.”

Julia – 3 Stars – The only flavor I can identify is lemon, nothing else. The description is all wrong. It’s an average everyday lemon-like eLiquid. Nothing special.

Tom – 2 Stars – I’m actually a little angry about the name and the description for a lemon flavor eJuice. This is ordinary, beginners level lemon flavored eJuice with no complexities at all. Poor.

Jason – 3 Stars – Definitely a lemon flavored eJuice, and not a great one at that. Totally average.

Lisa – 3 Stars – A very average, ordinary, lemon flavored eJuice. Nothing in it is special and there are no complex exotic flavors at all.

Chelsey – 3 Stars – Not a total waste if you like a lemon flavored eJuice. But it’s just an average juice, nothing special. The description is way off. Sad.

Dragon Drop – VB says; “Smooth, sweet, a little tangy. Contains the power of the ancient dragon. With great power, comes great responsibility. Vape with care. “

Julia – 3 Stars – There is nothing tangy going on here. It is slightly sweet, sort of smooth, but no identifiable flavors. This is an okay juice but nothing special and nothing complex or complicated.

Tom - 2 Stars – The description tells you nothing, and the vaping of this one tells you nothing. I expected a lot from Dragon Drop and got nothing special back.

Jason – 2 Stars – Not very good, period. Certainly nothing special. It was difficult to vape any of these flavors for 72 hours. I don’t even know what this is supposed to taste like. Profoundly disappointed.

Lisa – 2 Stars – This isn’t very smooth to me. It leaves me with a burning in the back of my throat. I did not like it, I wish I did.

Chelsey – 2 Stars – I am very disappointed with all the flavors. This one is probably the one I’m most disappointed with. Not special in any way at all.

Cracked – VB says; “Sugary goodness. Not fruity, not tobacco - just goodness. you will be back for more.”

Julia – 3 Stars – This is the most accurate description. A sweet vape, but nothing more than that. It’s a sugar vape, and not flavorful at all. If you like sugar vapes you might like this one.

Tom – 1 Star – I couldn’t vape Cracked more than 10 minutes. You know what this is? It’s sugar water in a PG/VG mix. Sweet and boring.

Jason – 2 Stars – Flavorless but sweet, too sweet. That’s all I can say.

Lisa – 3 Stars – If you want a sweet vape that doesn’t take like anything, then this is your vape. Sweet, sweet and sweet, but no flavor.

Chelsey – 3 Stars – Although I couldn’t taste anything it was a sweet vape, and I like sweet vapes. I give this 3 stars because I can vape sweet vapes for a while and enjoy it. But it’s nothing special at all.

Pon Pon Juice – VB says; “PON PON JUICE tastes like a candy shop has exploded in your mouth! Yeah, it's that awesome!”

Julia – 3 Stars – Pon Pon IS a sweet vape, and better than Cracked by far, but still nothing complex or nuance about this juice. It’s a sweet vape and nothing more. Ordinary.

Tom - 2 Stars – There is only so much sweetness you can take and Pon Pon is only for those that want an ultra-sweet eJuice. This might be a decent vape for the sweet-tooth vapers out there, but not for me.

Jason – 3 Stars – As for the really sweet vapes from VB, this is the best of them. Very sweet and at least more flavor than just sugar, but there is nothing to make this a professional eJuice with any hint of complex flavors. A basic sweet eLiquid.

Lisa – 3 Stars – An okay sweet vape that is just okay. If you like sweet vapes this one is one you will like. But if you are looking for something with layers, this isn’t it.

Chelsey – 1 Star – As much as I like a sweet juice this one gave me a headache within 5 minutes.

Oba Oba – VB says; “Another one of those indescribable custom flavors. It's sweet and "colorful". It tastes like a color you’ve never seen before. Thank you scientists!” 

Julia – 2 Stars – A sweet vape that is so ordinary that you won’t remember vaping it.

Tom – 1 Star – I could not tell the difference between Oba Oba and Cracked. Both way too sweet for me. None of these flavors have an ounce of complexity to them.

Jason – 2 Stars – Sweet. Period.

Lisa – 3 Stars – An average sweet vape with no identifiable flavors. Very average.

Chelsey – 3 Stars – I don’t understand why none of these flavors have any real flavors to them. This is an okay vape, but one almost any one can make with a DIY kit. Sounds harsh, and I’m sorry for that, but that’s the truth.

Our-Y4 – VB says; it’s RY4…but it’s our RY4. A new twist on a classic flavor.”

Julia - 4 Stars – Without a doubt, the best flavor Vapor Bitch currently offers (of the ten we reviewed). A strong flavor, a sweet RY4 blend. If you like your RY4’s on the sweet side, you’ll like this one.

Tom – 3 Stars – An okay RY4, certainly better than the other flavors we reviewed today.

Jason – 3 Stars – A better juice than any of the others, Our Y4 is okay. If you’re looking to try a new RY4 maybe this one will suit you, it is sweeter than most RY4’s though.

Lisa – 3 Stars – As an RY4 it’s on the sweet side, but its okay. None of the flavored we reviewed has any complexity, so this is a straight up RY4 with more sweetness to it.

Chelsey – 3 Stars – A sweet RY4 that isn’t bad. It’s not nearly as complex as some others, but its okay. You might like it.

Bottom Line


You read the word “complexity” a lot in this review, and for a reason. The team all had common views on the flavors reviewed because of this lack of complexity. Any eLiquid that has a complex layer of flavors will be something different to nearly everyone. In some of our other reviews the team members held vastly different opinions about the flavors because they (the flavors) were complex and intricate, layers and layers of carefully applied flavorings that cause you to taste one flavor on the inhale and one on the exhale. Vapor Bitch is a very different company.

Look, you may read this review and think that we slammed Vapor Bitch unmercifully, but look again. Every eJuice delivers an abundance of vapor, and a modest throat hit. But, as far as flavor goes this entire batch of 10 flavors we completely ordinary. Nothing special about any of them. To us.

What does that mean?

We’ve been reviewing eLiquids for quite some time and we’ve developed certain skills, much like a wine taster. There are some brands that are full of complex flavors, who’s creators are amazing artists, or as John likes to say, “flavorists”. Clearly Vapor Bitch is not one of those brands. Vapor Bitch makes uncomplicated, and for the most part, simple and sweet flavors. Period.

Should you buy from them?

That’s completely up to you. However, if you are looking for complex flavors, like a delicate wine (again with the wine comparison!) then maybe Vapor Bitch is not for you. Then again, if you’re looking for eLiquids that are uncomplicated then you may well like them. And believe me, there are plenty of people that look for simple, single flavor eLiquids that do not challenge their ability to discern different flavors.

Our impression

No one on the team spoke highly of any of the 10 flavors we reviewed. We want more in an eLiquid; we want to have a clearly complex set of flavors that make you savor the experience. An eLiquid flavor that forces you to figure out what it is you taste, and giving you an appreciation for the subtleties of mixing. We like a bigger throat hit as well, and we want a vape that will stay with us. Vapor Bitch flavors, while producing tons of vapor, were forgettable.

Sometimes reviews like these cannot be helped. We appreciate Vapor Bitch’s effort in sending ample supply of eJuice for all our team members, and we can appreciate the difficulty of making any eLiquids. But, in the end, we have to be truthful to our readers and prepare to take some flack for doing so.

Make sure to read our Interview with Geoff and Rich to get a better insight into the people behind Vapor Bitch. (and discover why they call the company Vapor Bitch). And if you have any experience with Vapor Bitch share them with us below.

Julia Barnes, with Tom McBride, Jason Little, Lisa Johnston and Chelsey Laney.

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About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. tyler strickland

    yeah im with George. i dont see how you can get lemon at all or how they are one dimensional flavors when i pick up diffrent aspects of a flavor everytime i pick up one of the 2 mods im constantly runnign dumb and pon pon in. honestly to me this seams more like an attack then an honest review.

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Tyler, We have NO reason to attack Vapor Bitch…at all. They have been nothing but great with Spinfuel. Of course we expect people to disagree with us on some things, but we call it as we see it no matter what. We are not an affiliate site, nor to we pander to anyone or any company. Frankly, I cannot believe you’ve been a reader of Spinfuel for any length of time, for if you have you would know that we will never promote a product for any other reason other than it deserves to be promoted in its own right. If you had been reading Spinfuel reviews for any length of time you would know that by now. And I think you are missing a vital point about this review; ALL of us agreed that the vapor production was great, that the Throat Hits were “modest” (which with a 50/50 ratio 1.2% nic level is more than enough). Vapor Bitch’s own description of their flavors admits that people taste different things, perhaps this is your issue with the “lemon” flavor. We didn’t slam Vapor Bitch, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with making single dimensional flavors. I suggest you reread the review in the “light most favorable to the Vapor Bitch” and you will come away with a different conclusion. But, if you expect Spinfuel to rollover on every product and tell our readers that everything we review is great, well, maybe Spinfuel isn’t for you.
      We are positive that Vapor Bitch has plenty of fans or they wouldn’t be in business. Of course people have different wants in eLiquid flavors so of course people will disagree with us. We have NO problem when people post comments that disagree with us, but when someone posts a comment like your, accusing us of purposely slamming a company just to slam a company; we take issue with that. It is undeserved and quite frankly insulting that you would think we would do such a thing. – Julia Barnes

  2. George Thurmont

    I have enjoyed reading your reviews for a little while. And I really have to disagree with this one. I have tried quite a few juices from VB. All of them were complex to me. Especially ponpon. Each time i tasted something different. And how did each of you get lemon in dumb juice? I get watermellon and something else. but not lemon in the very least.

    I really like their juice. I find it to be better than most. Although taste is subjective.

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      You are exactly right. Taste is subjective. We did state that vapor bitch delivered excellent vapor and modest throat hit, our only disappointment was the actual one dimensional flavors. From the Samplings we received they were all too sweet and mostly bland. But, we’ve also reviewed many brands, and occasionally we are going to disagree with the populace. We do appreciate your input however. – Julia Barnes

      1. Andrea

        I love that you guys are completely honest & straightforward in your reviews- if you weren’t, why bother reading them?

        Thanks for yet another in-depth, well written review. You guys rock.

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